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Ideas Employee Engagement | Improving Employee Engagement

Posted on 07/12/2017 in Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement ideas

engaged employeesHas this happened in your organization?

You survey your employees and the results come back with very concerning data that indicates many of the employees are not fully engaged.

The managers with employees who are less engaged are asking how they can help turn that around. They don't know where to begin. 

Many companies don't evaluate their current level of engagement, and often don't realize there are problems. That's because employees often express their level of engagement in very subtle ways: from physical and emotional ways, to performance and loyalty - or length of service.

When employees only do the minimum work required, and easily give up when faced with obstacles, you know they are not fully engaged.

See these ideas to improve employee engagement levels.

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Being Engaged at Work | Happiness in the Workplace

Posted on 02/07/2017 in Employee Engagement

How being Fully Engaged can be the Secret to your Happiness

Can it be that being fully engaged, being all-in whatever you're doing, is really the Secret to Happiness? Let's explore this idea.

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Drivers of Employee Engagement | Employee Engagement Tips

Posted on 05/19/2015 in Employee Engagement

4 Key Drivers of Employee Engagement

employee-engagement.jpgEmployee Engagement levels significantly affect almost every measure of an organization's success.

Research and countless studies clearly and consistently show the direct link between an organization's success and the Engagement level of its employees.

With all of this proof regarding the value and benefits of higher employee engagement, is your company ready to make improving engagement a high priority?

Here's some employee engagement tips to get started.

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Employee Engagement Defined | Tips for Employee Engagement

Posted on 04/16/2015 in Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Defined

employee engagement definition Employee Engagement is defined and measured by the level of desire employees have to put out that extra effort for the benefit of their company, their tendency to speak highly of the company as a great place to work, and their intention to stay with the company.

Studies have shown that the more engaged the employees are, the more innovative, productive and profitable the company will be as we explain in this employee engagement defined article.

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Thanking Employees | Ideas to Thank Employees

Posted on 12/20/2014 in Spot Recognition, Employee Engagement

Thank your Employees helps improve engagement

Thanking Employees is an important part of your overall Recognition Strategy. This is a sample of a Spot Award Card themed for You're a Shinning Star. Good for one gift of their choice! 

Everybody likes to be thanked, and the people that work for you are no different.

Here's some ways we can help make it Easy!

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Employee Engagement Trends | Employee Engagement Levels

Posted on 07/28/2014 in Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Trends

employee engagement trend The economic downturn that started in 2008 led to significant changes in employee engagement levels. With so many businesses experiencing declining sales and revenues, management had to make decisions that negatively affected engagement levels.

Some improvement in employee engagement was seen in 2009, but the trend changed and fell again during 2010 as even more companies continued to be challenged by the faltering economy.

With all the news about the country's worsening economic troubles, more people were worried about how to make ends meet than in previous years. This change in the mood of many employees was reflected in the mood of the US workforce in general. With this change in mood, employee engagement levels were low and falling.

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