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Improve Employee Retention | Employee Retention Ideas

Posted on 04/14/2015 in Employee Retention

9 Ideas to Improve Employee Retention

Employee retention is a continual challenge, and must be an ongoing management priority in order to build and keep an amazing staff.

Low retention rates affect your bottom line, and we have employee retention ideas to help that. The costs of employee turnover can be 1.5 to 2 times the salary of an employee. Also, consider the lost productivity and the impact of lower morale when good people leave.

Because of the financial impact, it makes good business sense to try to improve employee retention rates.

Here's 9 employee retention tips to help keep your best people:

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Employee Retention Strategies, Programs & Incentives

Posted on 12/18/2014 in Employee Retention

Employee Retention Ideas - Strategy

The employment scene has shifted and long-term loyalty between employers and employees can no longer be taken for granted. Management needs to implement an employment retention strategy to improve retention.

Just as workers must strive ever harder to prove their worth, managers need to explore new ideas for employee retention to hang on to their winning staff.

Here's a strategy and some ideas to help improve employee retention:

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