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How to Hire Great Employees | Tips for Hiring Employees

Posted on 05/06/2015 in Recruiting, Hiring the Best

10 Tips to Hiring the Best Employees

we are hiringIn a survey of recent college seniors, when asked what they wanted in their jobs, said their top three, most important factors were: Opportunities for personal growth, job security, and a friendly work environment. Note: Salary was not in their top three. 

Most respondents indicated they want to work for an organization that produces products or offers services that benefit others. They wanted to make a difference! Remember this when you are thinking of how to hire great employees.

A tip for how to hire great employees is to consider whether a person is the BEST candidate, or the RIGHT candidate, for your organization.

While the Best candidate may have great qualifications and the perfect resume, the Right candidate should have a balance of qualifications, plus interpersonal skills and the personality that's suited to the job and your culture.

So how do hire great employees and balance your goals and the desires of your candidates?

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