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Points Based Employee
Incentive Programs

Point Programs are best used when participants have multiple opportunities to earn points for various achievements, over time.

Point programs are very effective for Sales Incentive progams, Safety Programs, Wellness, on-going Training programs, Attendance, Suggestion Awards, and many other types of employee performance incentives. They're also great for customer loyalty programs where points are awarded for purchases, or to reward clients who refer new customers.

We offer two Types of Points-based programs:
    Online point program - participants track/redeem points online
    Paper-based point tracking / catalog-based point program

Option #1: On-Line Points-Based Program

SYG creates a customized site for your program where participants can log in to track their points and redeem using our points-based awards catalog.

Administrators enroll participants, award points, and run reports to monitor the progress of your program.

As points are redeemed using the online awards catalog and shopping cart, points are automatically deducted from their balance, and the awards are sent directly to the participant.

See more about our comprehensive,
feature-rich CenterPoint
Reward & Recognition solution.

Whether you have just a few, or thousands of participants, this online solution will make your program exciting and easy to administer.

(more about online point programs)

Option#2: Paper-Based points program. (Lowest cost)

Points are awarded and tracked manually, often using various forms of point-checks.

Participants accumulate points and redeem by selecting awards from provided award catalogs or by browsing an online-catalog prepared just for your program.

After viewing the awards catalog, participants redeem by completing an Award Redemption Form, and returning it to the administrator for approval and forwarding to us for fulfillment.

Award catalogs and order forms can be customized to your specific needs.

With this option, your only costs are for the redeemed awards. There are no setup costs or fees other than the minimal cost for some printed catalogs (if larger catalog quantities are needed). Ask about our online catalog viewing options.

Many companies use this low cost option to effectively run many types of employee incentive programs. Let us show you how easy it is to implement this type of program.

How to get started: Call now, or Request more information An incentive specialist at Select-Your-Gift will review your goals, explain all your options, help with your planning, and will be available to guide you through every step of your incentive programs development and implementation.


Point Program Advantages

Point Programs allow employees to earn and accumulate points, then redeem for larger awards.

An Online program provides easy tools for the administrator to manage the program, award points, and deliver updated program information to the participants.

An online Points-based incentive program is exciting and motivating for your employees as they track and redeem their points for great merchandise awards.

Studies prove that merchandise awards are perceived as better than money by participating employees.

Cash awards have no trophy value, as cash is often used for bills and is not remembered. In fact, one year later, less than 60% of staff even remembered receiving a cash incentive award.

see article "Cash versus Merchandise" as awards.

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