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A new way to design your next
sales incentive program.

Make your next sales team contest a win-win program,
and not a win-lose program where only the same few win, and the rest "Lose".

Try this design for sales contest as an alternative to the usual "winner takes all" format. 

The purpose of a Sales Contest is about maximizing revenue, but there's more involved than just increasing sales.

For a contest to be successful, it must:

  • Require an increased effort, by each person,  which leads to increased rewards
  • Provide individual motivation - using great rewards, the "carrot"
  • Provide ALL participants with an opportunity to win something. If not, it's doomed to fail and will de-moralize everyone.

Free eBook: Step by Step  Guide to Designing Effective Sales Contests

When contests are designed in the way presented in this eBook, and rewards are based how much each person exceeds their individual goals, then EVERYONE could win something! This Free sales contest eBook shows how with advice from sales recognition experts.

A successful sales incentive program should not only provide motivation to improve sales, it should also positively impact the morale of your entire sales team. Poorly designed contests can often do more harm than good as many participants feel there is no hope for them to win anything.

When sales team contests are designed with an opportunity for everyone, it actually creates excitement, and improves morale - providing lasting benefits when you incorporate recognition awards for employees to your organization. When the morale of your sales team is improved, employees will be more engaged, do their jobs better, and will stay longer with your company.

Sales Team Contests work best when they accomplish two goals: Increasing revenue and motivating the sales team. To do that, every sales incentive program should:

  • Recognize increased individual (or team) performance (above a baseline)
  • Increase morale and help promote a team spirit
  • Give every team member an opportunity to feel like a winner

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This 60-page eBook presents practical advice, in an easy to read format, so you can quickly put these strategies into action at your company.

The included Step-by-Step plans will help you develop more effective contests in your sales incentive program that are easy to start and are risk-free. How can they be risk free? Contest-ology will show you how.

You'll find clear steps, with topics such as: Setting objectives, How to measure success, Defining who will win, Defining your awards, and more. This eBook will show there really is a better way to create sales team contests.

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