Sales Contests Ideas

Creative Sales Contest Design Ideas

Motivate and Increase Sales with this new way to design your next sales contest.

incentive-programsWith a few small changes to the structure of your next sales incentive program, you can make your next sales contest a win-win program, instead of a win-lose program - where only the same top people win, and everyone else will lose.

The purpose of a Sales Contest is to maximize revenue. You'll have better results if everyone on your team is involved. Get every person on your team motivated to put in that extra effort, by designing a program that rewards every person who exceeds their own past sales performance record. You will be amazed at how this small change will increase morale, and performance!

For your next sales incentive program, try using the ideas described in our free Sales Contest Design eBook, as an alternative to the usual "winner takes all" format.

For a contest to be successful, it must:

  • Require an increased effort, by each person, which leads to increasing rewards
  • Provide individual, attainable, motivation - using great rewards, the "carrot"
  • Provide ALL participants with an opportunity to win something.


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When Sales Contests are designed with rewards based on how much each person exceeds their own individual goals, then EVERYONE could win something! You can't lose. If there is no increase, there is no reward.

The best sales incentive programs will improve sales performance AND enhance employee Morale! When the morale of your sales team is improved, they will sell more, be more engaged, do their jobs better, and will stay longer with your company.

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