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Work Anniversary Gifts by Year of Service

From on-boarding new hires to retirement,
see these ideas for Work Anniversary Gifts

The value of work anniversary gifts should increase as employees progress to more significant career milestones  - from onboarding thru retirement. Award values for each milestone should be as consistent and fair as possible, while being appropriate for your demographics and awards budget.



Recognizing and appreciating your employees' dedicated service and significant contributions is crucial to increasing their engagement, productivity, and loyalty to your company. Research shows that lack of recognition is one of the main reasons employees leave, making Service Recognition Awards an effective tool for reducing turnover and improving retention rates.

Employee Service Anniversary Awards are perfect opportunities for managers to demonstrate their appreciation for their employees' hard work and dedication while inspiring the loyalty of others.

At Select-Your-Gift, we offer Service Recognition programs that are easy to start and administer. Use the form below to request a free information packet, which includes a sample Employee Award Presentation Packet, a gift-of-choice catalog, information on available enhancement options, and guidance on how to begin. Our Recognition Specialists are always available to assist you with any questions you may have.


See the following Work Anniversary Gift Ideas:



1-Year Work Anniversary plus On-Boarding Gifts

It's important to recognize your employees from the very beginning, with Gifts for completing your new-hire On-Boarding process, plus a special gift for their 1-Year Work Anniversary.

By acknowledging and celebrating these early milestones, you're showing employees that you value and appreciate their contributions from the beginning of their career.

3 year work anniversary gifts

Work Anniversary Gifts

Employee demographics are changing and studies indicate that many millennials don't anticipate staying in their jobs for more than 3 years, it has become essential to provide earlier service recognition

One, two and three-year work anniversary gifts provides timely and needed recognition for your staff's hard work, accomplishments - and loyalty.

work anniversary gifts by year

5-Years and more
Work Anniversary Gifts

At the 5-Year milestone, your employee has shown dedication and loyalty, and it  deserves Celebration! Most companies recognize each service milestone, in 5-year increments.

When these work anniversaries are acknowledged, celebrated and rewarded, it can have a significant impact on their morale and job satisfaction.

retirement gifts

Retirement Gifts

Retirement is a significant milestone in an employee's career and an opportunity to celebrate and recognize their years of dedicated service to your organization.

By recognizing and celebrating your retiring employee's contributions to your organization, you demonstrate your appreciation for their years of service and leave them with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

We can help you get started - using our Service Award Presentation Packets (with catalogs), or our virtual - EMAILED solution.

yos-catalog-200Employee Service Anniversary Award Presentation Packets are popular Gift-of-Choice solution among our clients
Each award packet consists of a tier-level based gift catalog and a Service Award certificate, which can be presented or mailed to employees. In the comfort of their home, employees can choose their own recognition gift from the provided catalog, or they can redeem online where they'll see an even larger selection of gifts. The selected gift is then shipped directly to their home.  (see details, pricing and what's included)


virtual-gifts-of-choice-optWe also offer a Virtual-Emailed Gift-of-Choice solution that is Fast and Easy!
Awards or gifts can be EMAILED to recipients, along with your personal message. Employees redeem online and choose their own gift from the large tier-level collection you provided. The selected gift is then shipped directly to their home. We can provide the unique redemption numbers to you, and you can email them, or we can email for you. An optional custom branded redemption site is available, along with up to 3 reminder emails. (virtual-emailed solution - details)

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SYG offers many easy to use Employee Recognition solutions:  from our Points-based online system, to tier level Gift-of-Choice programs that include either physical Recognition Award Packets or Virtual Awards sent via email. Gift-of-choice awards provide a wide selection of gifts for Service Awards and all types of recognition awards, or for Holiday Gifts and Appreciation gifts for your employees or clients.

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