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Your employees are a valuable resource for new ideas.
Create an employee suggestion program to tap that resource!

A properly constructed employee idea program should be a part of every organization’s Incentive and Recognition plan. It's purpose is to encourage employees to develop suggestions that identify specific problems and suggest solutions to enhance efficiency, increase productivity, reduce costs, or create a safer work environment.

Planning tips for your new Employee Suggestion Program:

  1. Prepare a detail plan for your program.
    To begin, review this guide "Getting a Suggestion Program Started"
  2. Planning your awards. When merchandise awards are part of your plan, consider the following easy to use option.

Award Options for your Employee Suggestion Program

Congrats CatalogTier-Level Gift Catalog Award Packets: Whether you're awarding for qualified submissions, or accepted suggestions, you can provide appropriately valued awards with Award Packets. There are 17 package levels starting at $20.

For approved suggestions where the benefits are difficult to measure, or for suggestions that do not result in specific cost savings, a series of tier-level Awards Catalog Packages should be clearly defined as awards.

Gift Catalog Award Packets are a very easy and effective way to provide awards. Each Suggestion Award can be customized with your congratulations letter and an awards catalog for the level of your choice. More about Gift Catalogs

Employee points programPoints-Based Platform for your Employee Idea Program: For a more comprehensive solution, consider an online Points Program. Our Points-based Employee Engagement Platform allows multiple recognition programs at the same time: Suggestion Program, Service Awards, Sales Contest Awards, Safety Recognition, and more.

Having an employee idea program as a part of a point banking platform is the best solution, especially when employees are able to participate in multiple incentive and recognition programs, and have multiple opportunities to earn points in each.

Earned points can be accrued by employees, and are redeemable from a large selection of great life-style awards. More about Points-Based Programs

When a suggestion has been accepted, the employee should be recognized publicly. If an award is also involved, it should be presented at that time, along with a description of the suggestion and how the solution will benefit the company. (more about planning for your program)

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