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Employee Service Recognition - What's Included

present-award-200The Value of Employee Service Anniversary Awards - According to a recent study, more than 80% of all organizations include the recognition of length of service as one of their key Employee Recognition Programs. Service Awards give management perfect opportunities to provide important recognition to employees for their hard work, significant contributions, and dedicated service.
Employee Service Recognition and Awards have the power to motivate, engage, and retain your valued workforce.
Employee Service Recognition Gift-of-Choice Awards provide:
  • Meaningful Recognition: Service Awards offer a vital opportunity to acknowledge employees' hard work and dedication. Studies show that recognition enhances engagement, productivity, loyalty, and reduces turnover.
  • Boost Retention: Retaining talent is a top priority for HR. Companies implementing Service Recognition experience nearly 30% lower voluntary turnover rates, creating a culture of appreciation and loyalty.
  • Enhanced Employee Experience: Effective recognition improves morale and overall employee engagement. Aligning recognition programs with core values drives desired behaviors and strengthens your organizational culture.
  • Memorable Presentation Packets: Our Service Award Presentation Packets feature a curated catalog and online redemption for employees to select their desired gift. Customization options ensure a tailored experience for each service anniversary.
  • Convenience and Flexibility: With no minimum orders or contracts, you have the freedom to order as needed. Prompt fulfillment and shipment of selected gifts are guaranteed, providing a seamless process for recognition.
  • Budget-Friendly Options: Choose from our tier-level award packages, allowing you to control costs while celebrating service milestones. Perfect for onboarding, 1-year, 3-year, traditional 5-year increments, and retirement gifts.

Select-Your-Gift can help your organization with formal recognition of employee milestones, using memorable Service Award Presentation Packets that include a catalog and online redemption for a Gift of their Choice. They are easy to order, and can be tailored for each of your service anniversaries.

Years of Service Anniversary Awards for Employees include many customization options, with No minimum orders, and No contracts to sign. Order as many as needed, when they're needed!

yos-spread-w-coverWe provide prompt fulfillment and shipment of the selected gifts, with 100% employee satisfaction guaranteed.

With many available tier-level award packages, you can control your budget by selecting a tier-level for each of your service milestones, making them also perfect for on-boarding gifts, 1-year, 3-year, traditional 5-year increments, and for retirement gifts.

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What's Included:

Employee Service Anniversary Award - Presentation Packets includes the following, at each tier-level:

  • Gift Catalog: A Gift-of-Choice Catalog (for the level you select) offering a large assortment of popular life-style products. (see all tier levels)
  • Catalog Covers: Your choice of Gift Catalog Covers, including our Years of Service themed cover 
  • Redemption Information: Includes Online redemption information, plus a Postage-paid mail-in redemption card.
  • Recognition Certificates: Your choice of many themed stationery options for printing recognition certificates (see choices). Optional custom printing and personalization is available.
  • Inner-Jacket: Specially designed inner-jacket contains the gift catalog
  • Closing-seals for inner-jackets, including seals for 1, 3, 5, 10-years, etc. (see choices of seals)
  • Presentation Envelope: Large white envelope holds all materials, suitable for presentation or mailing
  • Expanded Online Selection: When the employee redeems online, they will see almost twice as many items as shown in the included catalog.
  • The Gift & Shipping: Selected gift and shipping of the gift to the employee is included (within lower 48 US)
  • No expiration of award-packets (online selections are ALWAYS current)
  • Our guarantee: Employee gifts are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Assistance: Toll-free support is included for employee assistance with ordering or status questions
  • Status Reports: Track your recognition program with management redemption-status reports - Excel files.

Customizing Employee Service Award Packets

Select-Your-Gift makes it easy to customize your presentation packets with many options to make them as unique as your organization.

Your choice of stationery to print your Service Recognition Certificates. These can be personalized with your company's logo, the employee's name, and your message. Also see the Enhanced Certificate Holders and Frame options. See all customization options

Virtual Service Awards
(Gift of Choice, sent by Email)

virtual-gifts-of-choice-optIn addition to Award Presentation Packets described above, we also provide a virtual -  EMAILED option for sending Service Awards to your employees.
See how to provide meaningful gift-of-choice service recognition awards for employees with this fast and easy option. See more details here, or Contact us today to schedule a short overview and an online demo

Service Award Package Tier-Level-Pricing: The following table shows the prices for each tier-level award package. Everything is included at each tier-level. Click a level below to browse the large gift selection in each.

Pricing for each Service Award
package Tier-level

Click on each Award-Package-Tier-Level (below)

to see the huge selection of awards available

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