Create a Culture of Recognition
with Point Programs

A Points-Based Recognition Platform is Essential
to create a Culture of Recognition

Motivation%20300A Points-based program is one of the most powerful and effective ways to motivate and recognize employees. They work so well because of their flexibility to adapt and change focus, providing rewards for many different types of activities and achievements that are important to your company.

If your company's strategy is to create a Culture of Recognition
, and achieve the huge benefits that come with that goal, it's important to have an efficient way to manage the wide range of simultaneous recognition programs. The best solution is an online comprehensive points-based platform.

Benefits of an online, Points-based platform include:
  • Managers will have real-time employee details at their fingertips so they can track the progress of the incentive program.
  • Tools are provided for management to create targeted communications to participants to help encourage positive behavior and even greater achievements
  • Participants know exactly what they need to do to earn points and “what’s in it” for them
  • The platform provides each participant with an online point-bank account with secured access
  • Employees can can easily redeem their accumulated points using our large online rewards catalog.

Multiple Recognition Programs supported

Manage all your corporate rewards and recognition initiatives in one online platform that’s designed to be flexible and scalable. Provides enterprise-wide consistency, with local-level rewarding flexibility.

Comprehensive tools simplify the administration of many types of incentive and recognition programs, such as:

  • Safety Programs
  • Sales Incentives
  • Service Awards - a Fully Automated module is included
  • Wellness Programs
  • Employee Recognition/Incentives
  • Above and Beyond Awards
  • Attendance Recognition
  • Birthday Recognition

Points-based engagement platform - Highlights

Select-Your-Gift's comprehensive, easy to use system, offers many features including:

  • Communications suite provides many ways to promote your employee motivation programs to participants.
  • Hierarchy enables targeted communications and variable access to program participant segments.
  • Budget Manager controls spend by region, location, and department for the program and employee motivation gifts
  • Participants choose their awards, and may save points for even larger awards with this employee motivation program.
  • Dedicated Program Manager is assigned for a single point of contact
  • Global Fulfillment of life-style merchandise
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Our support team brings years of experience in employee motivation program design, implementation, and analysis. When you contact us, a dedicated Program Manager is assigned, providing a Single Point of Contact for fast, personal support.
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Our Points-based program provides a central solution to manage all your rewards and recognition, including: Years of Service, Retirement, Wellness, Safety, Sales Awards, and even Customer Loyalty. 

We can also include information on our Gift of Choice award catalog packets that can be customized with your message and logo printed on selected themed stationery. They are perfect for Service Awards and Holiday Gifts.