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Point Reward System for Employees

Online rewards and recognition platformUse our Center-Point platform to manage all your enterprise-wide programs with one central points-based software platform.  
Employee rewards points programs are one of the most powerful and effective ways to motivate and recognize employees. An employee recognition points program will enable you to provide rewards. This program is entirely personalized. You can offer rewards for many different types of activities and achievements that are important to your company.
Our easy to implement platform provides a single management system to run one or multiple points-based recognition programs. Rewards will help you build a culture of enthusiasm in your workplace.
With an employee reward point system, you will motivate your employees to find ways to earn and accumulate additional points. This will allow the redemption of higher valued awards of their choice.
Your company can create a Culture of Recognition and achieve huge benefits for both your employees and the company. All it takes is an online comprehensive points-based employee incentive program.

Features of SYG's Point Recognition platform:Points program analytics icon

  • Program Analytics: Our tools allow you to effectively monitor and analyze your program.
  • Real-time Data: With real-time employee details, you can track the progress of the incentive program.
  • Communication Tools: Management can use these tools to create targeted communications to participants to help encourage positive behavior and even greater achievements. Also includes functions for a Welcome Page news dashboard, automated award notifications, and much more.
  • Years of Service / Milestone Recognition: The platform includes a fully-automated Service Award feature for each employee’s service anniversary.
  • Birthday Recognition: The platform also includes a fully-automated birthday recognition feature.
  • Peer-Peer and Manager-Peer Recognition: The platform provides a 4-step process for recognition nominations based on predetermined objectives.
  • On the Spot Awards: This feature allows you to reward positive behavior instantly, right when it happens!
  • Point-Banks: Each participant has a unique log-in and can accumulate points in their point-bank.
  • Reward Redemption: participants redeem their points using our large online rewards catalog.
  • Global Fulfillment of life-style merchandise awards


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Our Points-based program provides a central solution to manage all your rewards and recognition, including: Years of Service, Retirement, Wellness, Safety, Sales Awards, and even Customer Loyalty. 

We can also include information on our Gift of Choice award catalog packets that can be customized with your message and logo printed on selected themed stationery. They are perfect for Service Awards and Holiday Gifts.