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Create Sales Contests to Motivate your entire team

The Problem:  Most employee sales contests miss engaging 80% of the sales team - who for various reasons, will never be your star performers. Any Sales Contest that is designed where only the TOP few can "win" and everyone else is a "loser", will actually do more harm than good.

You don't want most of your sales team feeling, as soon as you announce and start your new contest, that there is no hope for them to win anything.

We can do better!

Select-Your-Gift is offering a FREE eBook to help you design a sales contest that energizes your ENTIRE sales team. We hope the concepts presented here will enhance your abilities as a Sales Leader, contest designer, and sales motivator.

The concepts and ideas presented in our free eBook will help you create a contest that gives each person their own achievable goal, and rewards each person who meets or exceed their personal goal. That way, everyone has a chance to win something!

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All great Sales Contests
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Sales Contest Award Ideas: As described in the Sales Contest (eBook), you can provide gift-of-choice awards for each of the achievements levels defined in your contest. See these two easy to use contest award options:

congrats-catalog-250-1Gift Catalog Award Packets are low cost and easy-to-administer solutions. Each includes an Award Presentation Packet with everything needed, including your choice of stationary that can be printed with your company's message and logo.Spot-Awards-Shining-Star-2

SPOT Award packets includes a themed plastic card, along with a Note Card and mailing envelope. Employees can redeem one gift from the selected level of the online awards catalog.

Both options will fit any award budget - starting as low as $20/each, including the selected gift and shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 US. For all your sales contests, we have the awards you'll need. Many tailoring options are available to make these award packets just right for your contest awards.

See: Sales Contest Award Options

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