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employees-celebrate-service-recognitionSales incentive programs are essential for engaging and motivating your team, driving them to achieve exceptional sales performance.
When implemented effectively, these programs can help your business set new sales records.
What is a Sales Incentive Program?
Sales incentives are structured rewards and recognition systems designed to inspire your team to reach specific targets. These rewards can vary widely, including cash bonuses, higher commissions, prizes, and non-cash perks such as extra vacation days.
The goals can be individual or team-based, aimed at meeting or surpassing sales targets. Additionally, a well-crafted sales incentive program fosters a motivating environment, ensuring that employees feel appreciated and recognized for their efforts and achievements.

Need AWARDS for your Sales Incentives?

At Select-Your-Gift, we specialize in providing a wide range of  Gift-of-Choice tier-level based collections that are perfect for recognizing and rewarding outstanding sales performance. Our award packages offer flexibility and customization to fit the specific goals of your sales incentive programs. Each allows the recipient to choose their own award from the provided collection, ensuring that each award is meaningful and appreciated, motivating your team to achieve their best.

From practical gifts to luxurious items, our tier-level award collections will satisfy various employee tastes and preferences, ensuring that your team feels valued, appreciated, and motivated to continue striving for excellence.

Let us help you design an effective sales incentive program that not only boosts performance but also reinforces a culture of appreciation and success within your organization.


Select-Your-Gift offers perfect solutions
for Sales Recognition Awards.

See the following easy-to-use, easy-to-start solutions, below:

congrats-catalog-250Gift Catalog Award Packets:

This Gift of Choice packet is  perfect for sales recognition awards.  They are designed to fit every award budget with 17 tier-levels, starting as low as $22. Employees select their own award from the provided level-based catalog, or they can redeem online where they'll see almost twice the number of items.

The provided stationery can be printed with your company's logo and congratulations message.

Everything is included: The sales award presentation packet, the awards catalog, the selected gift, and the gift shipped directly to the recipient (anywhere in the lower 48 US). All for one low package price, and employee satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. No order minimums, and no contract is needed.

Spot Awards cardsSPOT Awards:

SPOT Recognition Awards are another great option. These ready-to-go Award packets, are perfect for quick sales contests. Similar to Gift Catalog packets, they are also tier-level based and everything is included. Simply choose the award level to use for each packet.

Award-card recipients can immediately redeem their award online. Many pre-designed theme packets are available, or we'll help you create your own.

Keep a supply on-hand for each award level needed to instantly reward your winners.

See more about Spot Awards

points-based-awards-programsPoints-Based solution for Sales Awards:

Enhance your sales incentive programs with our Points-Based Engagement Platform. This comprehensive solution allows employees to participate in multiple recognition programs, earning points through various achievements.

Key Features include:
  • Unified Platform: Manage all incentive programs in one place, including Hierarchy and Budget management, and fully automated Service Awards.
  • Communication Tools: Keep your team informed with updates and status information for each sales incentive program.
  • Point-Bank System: Employees accumulate points in their personal point-bank, which can be redeemed for a wide selection of lifestyle awards.

This platform not only streamlines the management of sales incentives but also maximizes employee engagement and motivation, driving them to achieve exceptional results. Implementing a points-based system fosters a culture of continuous recognition and rewards, making your sales team feel valued and appreciated for their efforts.

See more about Points-Based Programs

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