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Ideas to Improve Employee Retention

Posted on 01/10/2022 in Employee Retention

10 Ideas to Improve Employee Retention

Employee retention is a continual challenge, and must be an ongoing management priority in order to build and keep an amazing staff.

Low retention rates affect your bottom line, and we have employee retention ideas to help that. The costs of employee turnover can be 1.5 to 2 times the salary of an employee. Also, consider the lost productivity and the impact of lower morale when good people leave.

Because of the financial impact, it makes good business sense to try to improve employee retention rates.

Here's 10 employee retention tips to help keep your best people:

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Hybrid vs Remote - Understanding the Difference

Employee Work Schedules - Hybrid or Remote - Defined

With Hybrid and Remote Work being talked about so much, it's helpful to clearly understand the difference, because today, it's happening everywhere.

According to a recent Forrester research report, about 70% of companies will be adopting flexible hybrid-work schedules this year. They are expecting these organizations to allow their employees to spend at least two days working remotely.

This report also acknowledges that allowing remote and even a hybrid work schedule is not possible for every organization or job.

So what exactly is Hybrid vs Remote work? What's the difference?

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Service Award Programs | Employee Recognition

Posted on 05/20/2020 in Service Award Programs

Recognizing Employees with Service Award Programs 

Get the huge benefits of recognizing your employees as they reach service anniversaries. These special occasions are perfect opportunities to acknowledge employee's loyalty, dedication and significant achievements throughout their years of service.

This article provides tips and ideas for this important recognition program, and how you can easily show your appreciation with service awards.

The most powerful and cost effective way to recognize employee service is through a formal Employee Service Award Program.

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Employee Points Reward System Benefits

Posted on 05/18/2020 in Points Programs

mployee Point Based Recognition Program Benefits

A points-based rewards program for employees could be perfect for motivating your organization, and to help build a Culture of Recognition.

If you're planning to reward Points when recognizing employees for many different actions and behaviors, and allow them to redeem their accumulated points for merchandise awards, then a points-based solution is the answer.

Depending on the functionality needed in your employee recognition program, and your awards budget, there are a few different solutions available to help implement an cost-effective points based solution for your company. 

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How to Thank Employees to Show Appreciation

Posted on 03/04/2019 in Spot Recognition

Easy ways to say Thank You at Work

A simple Thank You can speak volumes to your employees

Some time ago, at the beginning of my career as a mortgage banker, I had the pleasure of assisting a young couple with the purchase of their very first home. Shortly after they moved in, I received a gift basket of assorted chocolates as a thank you.

I thought that this was the sweetest gesture, ever (pun intended). It wasn’t so much the basket of sweets that I enjoyed but the hand-written note which accompanied those foil-wrapped delights.

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Employee Engagement Strategy - High Turnover

Posted on 03/01/2018 in Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Strategy & High Turnover 

Should organizations have a different strategy to  improve employee engagement strategy when turnover is high?

For some businesses such as cleaning services and fast food restaurants, it’s common to see up to 90% employee turnover within 9 months or sooner.

This is not because there is something wrong with these organizations. Rather, these mostly minimum wage, part-time workers may be in the process of completing their education, or possibly looking for jobs offering better pay, full-time work, or more opportunities for growth.

Consider this strategy to help improve employee engagement levels in organizations with high turnover rates.

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