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Looking for great Employee Recognition Awards and Thank You gift ideas?

For your recognition programs like Service Awards, Safety or Sales Contest Awards, Spot Recognition, or for Holiday gifts, we offer a wide range of low-cost and easy to use solutions to make it easy.

Opportunities to give Employee Recognition Awards are limited only by your imagination. We offer many easy to implement and manage solutions to fit into any award budget. 

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Humans are built with a fundamental need to be appreciated. Business owners and managers are most effective when they understand the pychology and value of praising employees for their efforts and good work. A "pat on the back", in the form of some type of recognition shows employees their efforts were recognized and gives them a sense of achievement and pride.

All organizations should make Employee Recognition an integral part of their business strategy. Recognition Programs are the most effective way to reinforce an organization's culture, support your business objectives, enhance morale, and help retain top performers. If you need assistance with employee award ideas, read below.

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Gift Catalogs in Award Presentation Packets

Employee points based programPerfect for employee recognition awards and employee Gifts. Each award packet includes an Award Presentation Package with many customizing many options, including your choice of: Catalog Covers, Certificate stationary, closing seals, award package levels, an inner presentation jacket, a mailable outer envelop, and more. Levels available to fit every budget.

See everything that's included with each award packet, plus see the awards at each tier level, all your customizing options, and pricing.

Spot Recognition Award Cards

Employee points based programSpot Recognition Cards are immediately redeemable online for a gift from the award tier-level assigned to each card. Each award includes a unique Presentation Package. There are five pre-designed themes - ready to go. Plastic award cards and the included note-cards can be customized with many options. This is a great employee award idea to implement.

See everything that's included with each Spot Recognition Award Card package, plus see the awards at each level, the available themes, and pricing.

Point Programs - points-based Incentive and Recognition Programs

Employee points based programCreate excitement by implementing a Points-Based program for Employee Recognition awards, where points are awarded for desired activities, and points are redeemable from a huge online awards catalog. The point-based program is just one employee award idea!

employee points programWe offer two great solutions. A full-function, online Employee Engagement Platform, with scalability, and world-wide fulfillment.

Or, a least-cost points-based solution that still lets you take advantage of the tremendous benefits of a point-banking system.

See more about Points-Based programs

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