Employee Recognition Program Ideas

Employee Recognition
Program Ideas

Employee Recognition Awards - Programs

Select-Your-Gift offers many employee recognition programs and award options to help companies recognize their most valuable assets. Below, see the many easy-to-use solutions to help you reward and motivate employees.

Due to the value and benefits of employee recognition programs, every organization should make recognition programs an integral part of their corporate strategy.


At this critical and trying time as we are dealing with the CoronaVirus and lockdowns,
be sure to say Thank You to your employees who are helping us all work through this pandemic.

Benefits of Employee Recognition

  • Employee Hiring - It is easier to attract the best talent when your organization shows it values and appreciates its employees.
  • Improves Morale & Motivation When employees feel appreciated, morale and productivity will increase.
  • Improves Employee Engagement Employees with better morale are generally happier and more interested in their work. They will be more Engaged!
  • Employee Retention - When your staff feels appreciated, they will stay longer, allowing you to keep your best talent.
  • Build a strategy of Continual Recognition with each additional Recognition Program.   - Creates a positive, encouraging, and rewarding work environment
What is a Culture of Recognition?

When an organization is said to have a Culture of Recognition, it means that by employing a strategy of continual recognition, employee appreciation is woven into everything they do. These companies have multiple recognition programs in place, with each providing managers with more opportunities to praise employees and show their appreciation. This is something every organization can do to improve the employee experience.

Continual recognition influences everything and everyone in your company! Employees will thrive in this type of environment, and organizations using this strategy will see a dramatic improvement in both morale and productivity.

To develop a comprehensive strategy for Employee Recognition, that really works in today's environment, see these Ideas, Tips, Suggestions, and Best Practices:

Guide to Employee Recognition for Today!


See these popular, and easy to use Employee Recognition programs:


Service Awards

yos-catalog-200Recognize Length of Service Milestones with Gift of Choice Award packets. Many options available to make them as unique as your organization. Each lets employee choose their own special gift.

Spot Recognition

Spot-Awards-Rock-StarSpot Award Cards allow you to quickly show appreciation with pre-designed packets and note cards. Fits every budget. Instantly redeemable for a gift of their choice.

Point Programs

Our easy to use Employee Points Recognition Software provides an affordable, yet comprehensive Platform to manage all your recognition initiatives in an online solution designed to be flexible and scalable.

Holiday Gifts

Thank Employees and Clients with a special gift of their choice. Holiday Gift Packets are prepared with your company's message and logo. Everything's included for one low price per gift level package. Gifts are redeemable online.

Employee Recognition Program Ideas

Use this list below to get more information about these Easy-to-use Recognition and Award solutions. All can be tailored to your specific needs.

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  • Quality gifts, awards and services for the lowest cost available
  • Prompt fulfillment of redeemed awards with 100% employee satisfaction guaranteed
  • Email & toll-free phone support for employees redeeming awards

From employee Christmas Gifts to Points-Based-Programs, Select-Your-Gift has solutions to help.

We will work closely with you to develop effective, cost-saving employee recognition solutions.
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