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Gifts for Nurse Appreciation Week

Nurse-AppreciationNational Nurse Appreciation Week is celebrated annually to honor the individuals known as the heart of healthcare workers, to raise awareness of the important role nurses play.


The Importance of Recognizing Nurses and Showing Appreciation

Now, more than ever, nurses need our support! Nursing professionals have the same health concerns as we all do, but they continue to provide for our needs, to keep us safe, and to care for those who are sick.

The skill of nurses, and their commitment to help is making a difference and saving lives, every day, as it has even before the pandemic.

We know that your nursing staff is the heart of patient care. We also know that recognizing nurses and their contributions is incredibly important to their job satisfaction and to foster a positive work environment. Your meaningful recognition provided during nurses week, and all year, will help deepen the loyalty of your nursing team to the organization, knowing management truly cares about them.

Nurse Appreciation Week is a perfect opportunity to express appreciation to your healthcare professionals.

Below, see some easy ways you can show your appreciation to your nurse professionals, and help boost their morale. Our outstanding nurse appreciation gift ideas take the guess work out of trying to decide which gifts would be best for your staff. Each of these solutions provide your healthcare heroes with a Gift of their Choice.

The different Appreciation Gift options, shown below, lets you decide which is the best way to acknowledge your Nursing Heroes, depending on your own health care environment.

Whether you choose to use the more formal Gift Packets and catalogs, Gift Cards with online redemption, or our Virtual Gifts - which is an email delivered solution. Each of these options provide Nurses with a choice of their own gift – delivered right to their homes.

When you honor your nurses using one of these options, be sure to include a personal message expressing your thanks, and tell them how much appreciate their work, and how much you value them.

Select-Your-Gift makes it easy!  All options are offered with tier-level collections of gifts recipients can select, so these solutions can fit every gift budget.


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Nurse Appreciation Gift Ideas

See the following easy gift ideas to show appreciation to your nursing staff
staff appreciation gift catalog

Appreciation Gift Packets

Nurse Appreciation Gift Packets provide a Gift of Choice selectable from the included catalog or by using the larger online gift catalog.

Each Thank You packet includes a catalog, online redemption, mailing (or presentation) envelopes, and themed stationery for a formal letter of recognition. We offer many packet tailoring, and mailing options to make this option just right for your company.

Thank Nurses with Gift and Note

Appreciation Gift Cards

Gift-of-Choice-Cards and Notes allow you to easily show appreciation of your Nursing Staff with pre-designed, themed packets. Each includes a note card for your personal message.

Each card is Instantly Redeemable for a gift from a large online catalog of popular items.

nurse receiving gift

Thank Nurses by EMAIL only

employee gifts email delivery

Go Green by delivering your message and a Gift of their Choice through email.

We can send emails for you, or we'll provide you with a spreadsheet of unique award redemption numbers. One number is emailed to each person.

Redeem online by selecting a gift of their choice from a large collection of brand-name rewards.

Selected gifts are sent directly to their home, anywhere in the lower 48 US.

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