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Employee Service Awards
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Tailor Employee Service Recognition Award packets

yos-spread-w-coverSelect-Your-Gift understands the importance of showing appreciation for your employees' years of loyal service, hard work, and significant achievements. That's why we offer personalized Gift-of-Choice Service Recognition Packets with a wide range of tailoring options.

Service Recognition Award packets allow employees to select their own gift, while allowing you to make the experience as unique as your organization. Customize recognition certificates with your company's logo, the employee's name, and a heartfelt message of appreciation for their dedicated service.

With the options shown below you can create a memorable and enjoyable service recognition program for your valued staff.

Employees love it!  They appreciate receiving the service milestone certificate, and the recognition packet that was designed to create a great employee experience. Employees especially love being able to select their own gift from the enclosed catalog, or they can redeem it online.

Management loves it!  They love this easy to start, and easy to administer program that includes a Formal Recognition Packet with everything they need to recognize each service milestone. Tier-level recognition packages are available to fit every program's budget, and packets can be tailored for each service milestone. Explore the comprehensive contents of each Service Reward Package

Some of our Employee Service Award Program tailoring options include:
  • Service Anniversary Recognition Packages: YChoose from tier-level options that match each service anniversary by year. This allows your recognition committee to easily manage your program's budget while ensuring meaningful recognition for employees. (Refer to our package/catalog levels and prices)
  • Catalog Covers: Personalize the Gift Catalogs with your preferred cover design. Select from our specially created Service Award themed cover choices, which are designed to inspire and commemorate the milestone achievements of your employees. See cover choices below, or download PDF
  • Service Recognition Certificates: Choose our standard years of service themed stationery for your certificates, or select one of the other options shown below.
  • Printing Award Certificates: Choose the printing option that suits your needs. You can print on the stationary provided, or we can print them for you using a certificate template. 
  • Service Milestone Seals: Our Packet-closing Years of Service seals are included. Each seal shows the employee's service milestone year. When ordering, simply indicate the anniversary year for each. See all packet-closing-seals below.
  • Employee Service Anniversary Recognition Packet Distribution: Normally all packets are sent to you for distribution to the employees. However, if needed, we offer the option to individually mail award packets to employees using your provided Excel file of names and addresses, ensuring a convenient and streamlined process.
  • Enhanced Presentation packet options: : Elevate the presentation of your service recognition awards with our enhanced options. Below, see our optional Certificate Holders and Framed Certificates that add an extra touch of sophistication and make the recognition experience even more special.

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Catalog Covers: Your Choice of covers for the Awards Catalogs

Select either "Years of Service - BLUE", or "Years of Service - Gray" theme for your awards catalog covers.


Themed stationery for your Service Award Certificates.

Select from our standard "Thank You for your Years of Service", the "Black/Gold Bordered", or the "Blue/Silver Bordered" stationery options.

One of these will be included with each employee service award packet, and will arrive blank unless you prefer to have us optionally print your certificates. We are happy to personalize them with each employee's name and anniversary milestone - as shown in this example. There is a small charge to print/personalize each certificate.

Please contact us for more information about custom printing.

Service Award Certificates

Closing Seals - for Service Award Presentation Packets


Gold Foil Service Award packet-closing-seals are included. These seals are used to close the packets inner-wrap - which holds the awards catalog and certificate. Each shows the employee's service milestone year.

When ordering Retirement employee awards or recognizing "early" service, such as 1 month, 6 months, etc. we offer a "blank-year" seal with just "Thank You", as shown above.

Enhanced Presentation Options are available

serv-awd-frames-300Each Award packet already includes everything you'll need to present your Service Recognition award.

For your special milestones, we offer Enhanced Presentation Options
to make your awards even more memorable.

See details for: Enhanced Presentation Options

At Select-Your-Gift, we are dedicated to helping you create an exceptional employee service recognition experience. With an array of tailoring options, you can create a truly personalized Employee Service Award Program that celebrates the achievements and dedication of your employees.

Contact us today and our recognition specialist will work with you to review your requirements to explore the various tailoring options available. We'll help you design a service recognition program that will leave a lasting impression on your valued employees.

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