Service Awards
Managers Guide

Manager's Guide to
starting Service Award Programs

A step-by-step guide providing tips and practical advice for starting the
most important Recognition Program in your company.

present-award-thumbYour Employee Service Awards and Recognition Program is an important element to help you reach higher engagement levels, and improved employee loyalty.

For this Guide, Select-Your-Gift has gathered key Service Recognition insights we have learned from years of working closely with thousands of clients of all sizes.

Everyone loves to be recognized!

In the following pages of this Guide, we offer these insights to give you the information, tips and tools needed to develop a successful Service Awards Program. One that will play a significant role in helping you establish a culture of recognition in your organization.

We'll start with a brief history of Service Recognition, and continue with specific steps detailing How to Get Your Program Started. You'll read about the latest company service award trends, the 4 different types (or categories) of service recognition, ideas for how to set up your budget, award presentation tips, and more.


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