Guide to Employee
Service Recognition

Boost Employee Morale with this Guide for a successful Service Recognition Program

We understand that recognizing your employees' loyal service is a crucial part of building a positive and motivating company culture. That's why we offer this special resource: Guide to Employee Service Recognition Programs.

sa-cover-350Select-Your-Gift prepared this comprehensive guide to help your company establish a corporate years-of-service awards program that celebrates important milestones, or anniversaries, in your employees' careers. With key insights learned from working closely with thousands of our clients, this guide presents the best practices used by successful organizations for today's workforce. 
Your Service Award program's primary goal is to show appreciation and reward employees for their loyalty and long service, ultimately improving employee morale and reinforcing your company's culture, vision, mission, business objectives, and core values.

This step-by-step guide is a perfect resource when planning a new program, or update your existing program. It provides tips and practical advice for your Corporate Service Awards Program.
present-award-thumbEach additional recognition program you have in your organization, like a Service Recognition program, will provide management with more opportunities to praise and reward employees. All of your programs will work together to help create a strategy of Continual Recognition, leading to higher employee engagement levels, and improved employee retention. 

Everyone loves to be recognized!

This Guide provides you with the insights we've learned, giving you information, tips and best practices to help you develop an effective and successful Service Awards Program. One that will play a significant role in helping you establish a motivating culture of recognition in your organization.

We'll start with a brief history of Service Recognition, and continue with specific steps detailing How to Get Your Program Started. You'll find the latest service recognition trends, the different categories of service recognition, plus ideas for defining your recognition award budget, formal recognition ideas, and much more.


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