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Employee Appreciation
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What can happen when you show appreciation

Employees today are experiencing heightened stress and anxiety.

Recognizing your employees efforts, and showing  appreciation will help improve relationships between management and staff. It also helps employees stay motivated by knowing their efforts have been noticed and appreciated.

Select-Your-Gift makes it easy to honor your entire team! Below are some great employee appreciation gifts and ideas to help your employees feel valued, improve their engagement, morale, and keep them motivated.

Expressing appreciation is always appropriate! You don't have to wait for Employee Appreciation Day or Week. You can let your team feel appreciated and show you care about what they are doing - throughout the year!

Today, employee appreciation has taken on a whole new meaning and level of significance. The contributions of your valued employees is key to your organization's success. In fact: Employee Recognition and Appreciation is Essential to keep them motivated!


Thank your employees, and acknowledge the impact they are having - as you tell them how much you appreciate their efforts and dedication.


We're here to help you honor your team! Below are some great employee appreciation gifts and ideas to help your employees feel valued, improve their moral, and keep them motivated and engaged. These simple acts will let your team feel appreciated and know that you care about what they are doing and their well being.


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Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

See the following easy recognition ideas to show appreciation to your staff 
employee gift catalog

Appreciation Gift Packets

Employee Appreciation Gift Packets provide a Gift of their Choice they can select using the included catalog or they can use the expanded online award catalog.

Appreciation packets include a gift catalog, online redemption, mailing / presentation envelopes, and themed stationery for a letter of recognition. SYG offers many packet tailoring, and mailing options to make this program just right for your company.

Thanking Employees Spot Awards

Appreciation Gift Cards

Thank-You Gift-of-Choice Packets allow you to easily show employees your appreciation with pre-designed, themed packets. Each includes a note card for your recognition message.

Each is Instantly Redeemable for a gift of their choice from a large online catalog of popular items.

employee getting a gift

Thank Employees by EMAIL only

employee gifts email delivery

Send your Employee Appreciation message and Gift of Choice - by email.

We can send emails for you, or we'll provide you with a spreadsheet of unique award redemption numbers. One number is emailed to each employee.

Recipients redeem online, selecting a gift of their choice from a large tier-level collection of brand-name rewards.

Selected gifts are sent directly to the employee's home, anywhere in the lower 48 US.

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