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National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is September 10-16, 2023.


Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an annual, nationwide celebration launched by the American Trucking Associations in 1988 to recognize and honor the millions of professional truck drivers that deliver America's freight safely and securely every day.


Being a professional truck driver is a tough and demanding job that requires dedication and perseverance, as they deliver the goods that keep America moving, making them essential to the economy and our well-being.

Truck Driver Appreciation Week is a great opportunity to honor and recognize all the people who dedicate so many hours on the road delivering the goods we depend on daily.

Get creative with your driver appreciation! Have fun with it, and remember - your show of appreciation can help boost their morale while leaving a lasting impression.


Truck Driver Appreciation Gifts Ideas: Select-Your-Gift makes it easy and affordable to show your appreciation for all that your drivers do, with three budget-friendly Gift-of-their-Choice options shown below:

We make it easy to give the Perfect Truck Driver Appreciation Gift!  It will be the perfect gift for each recipient because each person will be able to select their own gift from the large tier-level-based gift selection provided to them.

Many tier-level gift-of-choice packages are available so you can control your budget by selecting the tier-price-level that's right for your appreciation gifts. They are easy to order, personal assistance, and No minimum order quantity. See the tier-levels available and the gifts offered in each level. 

Giving an appreciation gift with a Gift-of-their-Choice takes the guess work out of trying to decide which gift would be the best. Each of the three solutions shown below provide your Truck Drivers with a Gift of their Choice.


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Select-Your-Gift wants to make Gifts for Truck Driver Appreciation easier! Get started now!


Truck Driver Appreciation Week - Gift Ideas

Three easy ways to provide a GIFT-of-CHOICE to your Truck Drivers
staff appreciation gift catalog

Gift Catalog Packets

This option provides physical Gift Packets to provide a Gift of Choice which is selectable from the included printed catalog, or the larger online selection.

Each Appreciation packet includes your selected tier-based catalog, online redemption information, envelopes, and themed stationery for your Appreciation message. We also offer many packet tailoring and mailing options to make this option just right for your company.

Appreciation Gift Card and Note

Appreciation Gift Cards

Gift-of-Choice-Cards and Notes allow you to easily show Truck Drivers your appreciation with pre-designed theme, or customized theme Gift-Card packets. Each includes a note card and envelop for your personal message.

Each card provides instructions and a unique code so the recipient can instantly choose their gift from a large online tier-level selection of popular items.

Truck Driver receiving gift

Appreciation Gifts by EMAIL

employee gifts email delivery

This option allows for your Appreciation Gift-of-Choice and  message to be sent by email.

We can send emails for you, or we'll provide you with a spreadsheet of unique award redemption numbers for you to send the emails. One unique number is emailed to each person.

Recipients can instantly redeem online by selecting a gift of their choice from a large tier-level collection of brand-name gifts.

The gift they select is sent directly to their home, anywhere in the lower 48 US.

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