SPOT Recognition Awards, Gift-of-Choice

SPOT Recognition AwardsToday, more than ever, immediate - On The Spot recognition is critical to help reinforce desired behaviors.

Recognition is most effective when given In the On-the-Spot!

People crave positive feedback - especially when they've done something that is above and beyond.

With Spot Recognition Awards for employees, it's EASY to reward desired actions as they occur. Just add your message to the Note Card, and present to the employee. Awards are instantly redeemable online from almost 100 lifestlye items. Start an On The Spot recognition program with help from Select Your Gift today.

Employee SPOT Recognition Award Cards - Overview

Choose from pre-designed On The Spot Recognition Themes, or create your own custom theme. (See these pre-designed spot recognition themes)

Choose the award levels for your Spot Recognition Employee Award Cards. (see Level-Prices)

Order a supply of Spot Award Cards to keep on hand. Order a few themes at various award levels for the most flexibility of your Recognition Program. (see How to order)

Distribute awards for employees to managers to keep on hand, along with your instructions and guidelines for awarding Spot Recognition.

Request -  Employee Recognition info & sample Award Packet

Spot Recognition Awards- Packet DETAILS:

Everything is Included: The Employee Spot Recognition Presentation materials, includes a themed Gift Card, Note Card, a mailing envelope with a themed Seal, the selected gift, and the gift shipped anywhere in the lower 48 US. The back of each plastic card includes a unique redemption number and online redemption instructions.

Each card allows a single gift redemption from a large assortment of popular life-style products shown in online catalogs. We offer many award levels, starting as low as $20 each, and your award recipients never see prices.

On the spot awards for employees are redeemed online, and they can call our toll free redemption support department for order assistance or product questions.

We are dedicated to the complete satisfaction of your award recipients and each person must be 100% satisfied upon receipt of their gift.

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Select-Your-Gift will work closely with you to review all available options, and help you develop the most efficient, effective and cost-saving employee spot award programs.

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