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Theme-A-500Pre-designed themed packets for spot awards makes Spot Recognition an easy to use tool to help you motivate and reward employees. Spot Awards allow management to quickly show their appreciation for desired actions, or jobs well done, right on-the-spot, when it happens.

Select-Your-Gift offers many ready-to-go packet designs, or we can design a unique themed award package just for you -  with your logo, message, and colors!

Everything is Included with each Spot Award: The Employee Spot Recognition Presentation materials including a themed Gift Card and Note Card, an envelope with a matching themed Seal, the selected gift, and the gift shipped anywhere in the lower 48 US. The back of each spot award card includes a unique redemption number and online redemption instructions.

ablue-arrow-right Spot award packet details, award tier-levels, pricing and options.

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Pre-Designed Spot Award Packet Themes

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Don't see a theme that fits your Spot Recognition needs? No problem! We can help you create a customized theme.

Spot-Awards-Safety-First Spot-Awards-Great-Job Spot-Awards-Congratulations-1 Spot-Awards-Thank-You Spot-Awards-Years-of-Service Spot-Awards-Holiday Spot-Awards-Team-Work Spot-Awards-Congratulations-2 Spot-Awards-Shining-Star-2 Spot-Awards-Thanks Spot-Awards-Rock-Star Spot-Awards-Super-Star Spot-Awards-Safety Spot-Awards-Shinning-Star-600

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Theme-Custom-500Want a Custom Theme for your Spot Awards?

We can help you create your own unique customized theme as shown in this example. 

You can customize the Spot Award Card, the Note Card, or both: Get artwork Specifications (PDF)

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