How to Calculate
Length of Service

How to calculate Length of Service
from hire date in Excel

Need to calculate your employee's Tenure or Length of Service in Years and Months? It's Easy when you are using our FREE Length of Service Calculator Excel Template!

With this Excel template, you can easily calculate the length of service in Years, Months and Days, plus it calculates the date of the current, or recent milestone, and the date of the next work anniversary. Simply add employee names and hire dates to this template. You can easily modify and personalize the template, adding columns and filters as needed.

Having this tool can save you time and energy as you plan upcoming service milestone celebrations for your staff. Plus, you will learn how to calculate Years of Service in Excel.


To get started, blue_arrowclick here to download  the free Length of Service Calculator.


This tool provides more features than any other excel-based Employee Length-of-Service calculator we have found.
Features provided in this tool include:

  • Provides a simple way to use an End-Date of either TODAY's date, or a date you specify.
  • Calculates the current length of service in Years, Months and Days
  • Calculates the Current Milestone date, and the NEXT milestone date.
  • Calculates milestone dates for each anniversary year between one to four years of service, and milestone dates for each 5 years thereafter. 

Don't waste time with difficult Excel formulas. Just download our free, ready to use length of service calculator. You don't want to miss a single milestone celebration just because you didn't calculate the employee's years of service in time. 

Employee Recognition Gifts for Years of Service

yos-catalog-200Whether you need Service Recognition Awards using a catalog-presentation-packet providing a Gift-of-their-choice, or a completely VIRTUAL - emailed gift-of-choice solution, we can tailor a solution that's just right for you.

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All Virtual - Service Award Gifts for REMOTE Employees

gifts-for-remote-employeesgifts for remote workersSee details - all electronic delivery options for Service Anniversary Awards.
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Service Awards Program Overview

See the following quick overview to the Employee Service Recognition Program 

Employee Redeem their Award online, Receive at home

Employees redeem using the provided catalog or online, selecting their gift from a wide variety of popular products.

Selected gifts are sent to the employee's home, anywhere in the lower 48 US.

Service Recognition Awards

Employee Recognition Packets

You can make your service milestone award packages as unique as your organization: Choose your Gift of choice catalog covers, which tier-based package levels to use, the certificate stationery and packet closing seals, and more.

presenting service awards

Enhance your Award Package

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