corporate anniversary gifts

Corporate Anniversary Gifts

Celebrate your Company's Anniversary
with Employee Gifts

What is a Corporate Anniversary:

A corporate anniversary marks a significant milestone in a company's history and years of operation. Whether it's the  5th, 10th, 25th, or 50th anniversary, it's an occasion to celebrate the company's achievements and contributions.
employee-moraleAs a leading provider of recognition programs and gifts, we understand the importance of commemorating this milestone with your employees.
Giving Gifts to Employees
during your corporate anniversary celebration is a common practice that can help boost employee morale and show appreciation for their contributions to the company's success.
In addition to showing appreciation for your employees, corporate anniversary gifts can also help build a sense of community and reinforce your company's culture and values. It can serve as a reminder to employees that they are part of a larger organization that is celebrating its achievements and significant milestone.

Start Today - using our physical Gift Presentation Packets, or our VIRTUAL (emailed) solution.

congrats-ltr-catalog-256Opton-1: Gift Presentation Packets are popular Gift-of-Choice solutions among our clients
Each packet includes a tier-level based gift catalog, stationery for your anniversary message, and a large outer envelope, which can be presented or mailed. Employees can choose their own gift from the provided catalog, or they can redeem online where they'll see an even larger selection of gifts. The selected gift is then shipped directly to their home.  (see details, pricing and what's included)


virtual-gifts-of-choice-optOption-2:  Virtual-Emailed Gift-of-Choice solution - Fast and Easy!
Your anniversary message and a link to an online catalog is Emailed to the employees. Then, in the comfort of their home, employees can choose their own gift from the tier-level collection you selected for them. The selected gift is then shipped directly to their home. (details)

Corporate Anniversary Gifts - Made EASY!

We can help you provide the perfect employee gifts: Gift-of-Choice solutions let employees choose their own gift. We offer 17 different price level Gift-of-Choice packages. Simply assign one of the tier-level packages that fits your budget. Plus all employee Gift-of-Choice Anniversary Gifts are backed by our 100% employee satisfaction guarantee. We make service awards easy!

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