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Select-Your-Gift Employee Recognition - makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to provide quality and affordable recognition for their most valuable assets - their employees. Our clients are assigned a dedicated recognition specialist to work closely with you, providing prompt, personal service to review your requirements and help implement effective and affordable recognition solutions.

We make the administration of employee recognition solutions EASY, with programs designed to simplify implementation, ordering, tracking, and all other aspects of your recognition programs. We'll help your organization create a culture of recognition to improve morale, engagement and productivity.

Solutions range from Service Award Programs and Holiday Gifts for Employees or Clients, to a comprehensive online Points Based program that allows companies to manage ALL their recognition initiatives in one flexible and scalable platform.

Please use this sitemap (below) to locate employee recognition solutions for your organization. To contact us, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

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General Information:

Employee Service Awards, Years of Service, Milestone Awards:

Employee Safety Recognition,
Suggestion Programs, Employee of Month

Spot Recognition Programs and Awards

Points-Based Programs, includes Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Gift and Award Packets, offering employees a Gift of their Choice.

Sales Incentives, Sales Contest Design Ideas and Guide

Holiday Gifts for Employees and Clients
Offering a Gift of Choice

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