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Employee safety programs begin with:

  • Executive Management’s commitment to employee safety
  • Hire the right people
  • Train employees when hired and provide ongoing training
  • Provide a safe work environment and safe equipment
  • Safety Awareness Campaign should be part of your ongoing efforts

With the above foundation in place, and for the best results, your ongoing Safety Awareness campaign should include a Safety Recognition Program to recognize employees for their safety performance. Safety gifts for employees help motivate personnel and facilitate improvements in safety records.

As you plan your Safety Recognition program, consider these two types of programs.
See each below, and when to use each:

Safety Recognition AwardsSafety Recognition Awards Program: A safety recognition program rewards individual employees, entire teams, or everyone in your shop, as pre-defined safety milestones are acheived, within a time period.

This very easy, and effective recognition program can be implemented with our Safety Award Presentation Packets. Each packet for your safety award program is customized with your letter congratulating the employee on their safety achievement, and provides an awards catalog for the level of your choice. More about Gift Catalogs

Employee points programPoints-Based Safety Recognition Program: For a more comprehensive and flexible safety award program, consider a Points-Based program. Printed, or fully online options are available.

A point based safety recognition program is the best solution when employees are given multiple opportunities to earn varying point amounts for various safety related activities and achievements. You can award points for attending safety training, meeting safety related milestones, or for being "caught in the act" of being safe in the workplace.

The rules of your employee safety recognition award program should align with your company’s key safety issues, and should support all of your safety related initiatives. Points are awarded by adding them to an employee's point bank. Points can be accrued, and are redeemable from a large selection of great life-style awards.
More about Points-Based Programs

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