Sales Recognition Awards

Motivate your Sales Team with Incentive Awards.

One of the most common ways for Sales Managers to motivate people to sell more, sell better, or to sell something specific, is to use incentives. Start by setting achievable goals. Sales Goals help keep up the momentum, and when those goals are met or exceeded, give great awards.

Every organization wants to drive revenue and growth, and are very willing to recognize the sales reps that make that happen. Awards that recognize performance is something every sales person looks forward to.

No one wants to lose, and that's especially true with sales people. So, design your sales contacts so everyone has the potential to succeed. If your contest will only reward the top few performers, many will not be motivated, feeling there is no hope for them to win anything.

Select-Your-Gift can help you create a sales contest that motivates everyone by giving each person an achievable personal goal, and rewards each person who meets or exceeds that goal. 

Designing your Sales Contests this way makes it a win-win, not a win-lose. By rewarding based on individual performance accomplishments greater than a personal threshold goal, everyone has a chance to win.

A Great Sales Contest needs Great Awards!

Options for great Sales Contest Awards:

congrats-catalog-128.jpgGift Catalog Award Packets - Award Packets start as low as $20/each, and are easy to use, and easy-to-administer. Each Award Presentation Packet includes everything needed, including your choice of stationary that can be printed with your company's message and logo. Each package provide a gift selection (at each level), so contest winners can choose their own awards. Employees get something they will appreciate and value - shipped right to their door. 

shinning-star-awardSpot Award Cards -  Each of these award packets includes a themed plastic card, along with a Note Card and mailing envelope with a themed seal. Recipients can redeem one gift from the selected level of the online awards catalog (levels starting as low as $20/each). Includes the selected gift and shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 US. Each plastic card has its own unique redemption number and online redemption instructions.

Online Point-Based Awards Platform -  Allows Sales reps to accumulate and redeem points for various initiatives as they progress toward goals. Huge online awards catalog for point redemption. Managers will have employee details available and  tools to create targeted communications to participants to encourage even greater achievements. 

Whether starting a new sales contest, or providing awards for existing contests, Select-Your-Gift has the award solutions you need, designed to fit any organization's budget. It’s always been our goal to understand what motivates employees to achieve, and these exciting solutions are designed to be engaging and inspire your team. Call us today! 

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