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Employee Safety Incentive Programs encourage and recognize employees for improved performance, and motivates them
to maintain stellar safety records.

Implementing an employee safety incentive program is one of the more effective ways to raise safety performance in your company. They can help achieve your company goals by basing your safety award criteria on specific individual or group safety targets.

Whether you're a large corporation developing a points-based safety incentive program, or if you just need a simple, affordable, yet effective safety recognition program, Select-Your-Gift can help with a program tailored to your specific needs.

Effective safety programs begin with:

  • Executive Managements commitment to safety (from the top down, visible, consistent, and genuine)
  • Hire the right people
  • Teach employee safety (with an ongoing safety training program)
  • Provide safe equipment and safe work environment

With the above foundation, and for the best ongoing results, continue with an ongoing
(#1) Safety Awareness campaign, plus a (#2) Safety Recognition Program or Safety Incentive program.

#1: Employee Safety Awareness Campaign: Your awareness campaign should be designed to keep safety and safety related topics Top-of-Mind. Distribute safety related items monthly to support your Safety message, including: Posters, flyers, buttons, t-shirts, etc.

#2: Safety Recognition Program or a Safety Incentive Program. See a description of each type of program below, and which better suits your needs.

Safety Recognition Program: Provides recognition awards for individual employees, teams, or even your entire workforce as pre-defined safety milestones are acheived. This very easy, and cost-effective program can be implemented with our Gift Album Safety Award Presentation Packets. Each packet can be customized with your congratulations letter and the award level of your choice (depending on your budget). See more about Gift Albums

Points-Based Safety Incentive Program: Your safety incentive program should be designed to motivate and inspire employees to practice safe behaviors and accomplish safe results. The program rules are tailored to align with your companys key safety issues, and should support other related safety initiatives already in place (ie: training, your awareness program, etc.). Points accrued by employees are redeemable from a large selection of great life-style awards. See more about Points-Based Incentive Programs

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