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Service Awards for Employees

Employee Service Awards
provide powerful opportunities for
management to recognize employees for
dedicated service to your company.

Implementing a Service Anniversary Recognition program will have a significant impact in your business by improving employee retention, loyalty, and morale. The recognition also demonstrates how your company values and appreciates its employees.

Service Awards boost employee morale, which is essential to your company’s productivity and success. Service recognition, especially when presented in front of their peers, helps them feel appreciated for their dedicated service and contributions.

Recognition and celebrating employee service milestones is not only appreciated by the award recipient, but it's appreciated by all your employees. Everyone's morale is lifted, and demonstrates your company cares about it's people.

Service Award Presentation PacketsGift Album Award Presentation Packets are perfect for Service Awards. Many customization options are available to tailor employee packets to your specific needs.

Everything is included: For one low price, you get the customizable award presentation packet, including the gift catalog (for the price level of your choice), the selected gift, and the gift shipped right to the employee (in lower 48US).

Employees have toll-free support for redemption assistance, or to check on their order; and can redeem their award online, by phone, or by using the included postage paid card. See what's included with each service award.

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  Customizing your Service Award Presentation
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Request employee recognition packet

Employee Service Award Presentation Packets include a recognition certificate and awards catalog allowing them to choose their own gift.

You choose the Gift Album value which is placed in a specially designed white inner wrap. The included certificate can be customized with your logo, company message, and personalized with each employee's name and service anniversary.

A gold embossed packet-closing seal for 1-yr, 3-yrs, 5-yrs, etc., completes the employee anniversary gift packet.

   Employee Award Customization Options:
See the many options available.

EMPLOYERS love Gift Albums. The value of each Service award is determined by the service milestone and your own budget. Everything is included, even the shipping of the award (lower 48 US). Redemption status reports are provided. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

EMPLOYEES love Gift Albums. They can can select their own gift from the provided catalog or from an even larger selection online. Each award levels offers a wide range of popular life-style items.

Starting a Service Awards Program

FREE Guide to help plan your
Employee Anniversary gifts program

This guide provides practical advice on how to start an effective and successful program in your organization. Includes a brief history of Service Awards Programs, reviews current trends and best practices, and describes the 4 common types of service recognition. Also includes budgeting ideas, presentation tips, and more.

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