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Select-Your-Gift makes Service Recognition Easy!

yos-catalog-177Contact Us - using the form below and we will send a sample Employee Service Award Presentation Packet that 's given to employees for Recognition of their milestone. We will also send samples of the included themed stationery and years-of-service packet closing seals, plus sample gift-of-choice catalogs.

We want you to see what the employee receives when they are recognized. The package will include complete pricing and information to help you get stared.

When requesting information, please let us know if you have any special program requirements.

Why Select-Your-Gift for your employee recognition?

A recognition specialist is assigned to your account to provide prompt personal service, reviewing all available options to help tailor a recognition program that exactly suits your needs. To help monitor your program, redemption status reports are also provided.

We will continue to support you and your program with a single point of contact, helping with every aspect of your program. We make recognition - EASY!

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When you request information...

sa-cover-200.gifAfter submitting your request, you will immediately receive a link to download the eBook: Guide to Employee Service Awards.

You'll get all the information needed to develop and implement a successful Service Awards and Recognition Program in your organization.

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Use this form to request your free information package, sent via UPS. It will include:

*  Sample Employee Service Award Presentation
*  Sample Gift-of-Choice Award Catalogs
*  How to tailor Service Award Presentations
*  Pricing, order forms, and how to get started.