Redeeming your Employee Recognition Award

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If you are trying to redeem your own award, you are at the wrong web site!

To help Re-Direct you to the correct web site to redeem your award, the following assistance is provided.

First, look at the redemption instructions included with your award. You are looking for the web-site address of your company's award redemption site, provided to you in the instructions provided to you.

Next, Enter your Redemption Site's address: The web site address you just found in your instructions must be entered EXACTLY as provided to you, and it must be entered in the browser's ADDRESS line at the TOP of the page. Do NOT enter the site's address into the SEARCH line.

Note: Once you enter the web-address, you should be taken to your company's award redemption page. If, after entering the web address, you are not taken to your company's redemption page, but instead are presented with a search results listing, then you probably entered the address incorrectly.  

If you still need assistance to redeem your award, PLEASE do NOT call us. You must get assistance from your company (your manager or HR Department) that gave you the award.

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