Guide to Corporate
Anniversary Gifts Program

Enhance Employee Satisfaction
with Anniversary Gifts

YOS-Catalog-250Introduction: Recognizing employee milestones is crucial for boosting morale and retaining talent. A corporate anniversary gift is more than a token; it's a meaningful expression of appreciation for years of dedicated service. At Select-Your-Gift, we specialize in creating customizable service recognition programs that genuinely reflect your gratitude.
Why Corporate Anniversary Gifts Matter: Anniversary gifts serve as a testament to the value of each employee’s contribution to your company. They are not just rewards; they are a strategic tool in enhancing employee engagement and loyalty. 
 Present-Service-Recognition-AwardWhat Select-Your-Gift Offers: Our Service Awards programs are designed with simplicity and impact in mind. With Select-Your-Gift, setting up a service recognition program is straightforward and hassle-free:
  • Quality Gift-of-Choice Award Packets: Allow your employees to choose a gift that truly resonates with them, increasing the personal value of their recognition.
  • Service Award Presentation Options: Catalog Presentation Packets, or our Virtual - emailed award solution: Each includes all the essentials for memorable service recognition, ensuring every service anniversary feels special.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Tailor your program to fit the unique culture and values of your company. We provide extensive customization options to make each award feel personal.

How to Get Started

Initiating your corporate anniversary gifts program is easy. Contact us today, and we'll guide you through the simple steps:

  1. Request an Information Packet: We’ll send you a sample Employee Service Recognition package including a tier-level gift-of-choice catalog to review.
  2. How to tailored your program: Call now to discuss your specific needs, and learn how you can  customize your program and award packages to align with your corporate values and budget.
  3. Get Dedicated Support: Your recognition specialist will be your guide and point-of-contact throughout the process, ensuring a smooth and successful program implementation."


Anniversary Awards, Made Easy

employees-celebrate-service-recognitionService Anniversary Recognition is an important tool to help show appreciation to the men and women who provide dedicated service to your organization.

Recognizing loyal service is vital to reinforce your company's vision, mission, business objectives, and core values. It shows that  management cares about its people, and honors their their contributions.


Anniversary Gifts Program - Details

See the following links for more information about tailoring your Employee Service Anniversary Gifts Program. 

Customize Service Awards

Many options are available to make your awards as unique as your organization.
Choose award catalog covers, milestone award levels, stationery for recognition certificates, packet closing seals, and other options.


Presentation Package Options

Everything you need is included to present your Service Award packages.
Optionally, choose one of our Enhanced Presentation options with Certificate Holders, or Framed Certificates & box.

Redeem online, Receive at home

Employees redeem using the provided catalog or online, selecting their gift from a wide variety of popular products.

Selected gifts are sent to the employee's home, anywhere in the lower 48 US.

Included with each Service Anniversary Award

yos-spread-w-coverEverything is included with each recognition packet:

The presentation materials including an awards catalog, certificate stationery, envelopes, packet closing seal, mail-in and online redemption instructions, toll-free order support line, the selected gift, and the gift shipped to the employee anywhere in the lower 48 United States.
Everything is included!

ablue-arrow-right See details: What's included with each award, Tier-Level Pricing, and Customization options.

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Use this form to request your free information package, sent via US Mail. Use the comments section to request a call back, or to schedule a demo. Your information packet will include:

*  Sample Employee Service Award Packet
*  Sample Gift-of-Choice Award Catalog
*  Tailoring Options for Service Awards
*  Tier-Level Pricing, Ordering Info, and How to Get Started.