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service recognition award packageAt Select-Your-Gift, we make it simple to recognize and motivate your employees. Whether you're starting a new Corporate Service Milestone Recognition Program or updating an existing one, we're here to help.

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We offer easy-to-use solutions that fit every budget, making it hassle-free for administrators to provide quality service recognition. With a variety of options available, we ensure that every employee feels valued and appreciated for their hard work.

Value of Corporate Service Recognition to your employees and your company:
  • Boost Employee Retention and Loyalty: Implementing a corporate service awards program significantly enhances employee retention and loyalty. When employees receive recognition for their years of service through company anniversary awards and corporate service award gifts, they feel valued and appreciated, which fosters a deeper commitment to the company.
  • Enhance Employee Engagement and Productivity: Corporate service awards and recognition programs lead to higher levels of employee engagement and productivity. Acknowledging employees' milestones and contributions reinforces their sense of purpose and connection to the organization, driving them to excel in their roles.
  • Highlight and Celebrate Employee Achievements: A well-designed corporate service awards program provides managers with the perfect opportunity to highlight and celebrate employee achievements. Recognizing employees for their contributions not only shows appreciation but also motivates other team members to perform at their best.
  • Foster a Culture of Appreciation: Corporate employee service awards play a crucial role in fostering a culture of appreciation within the organization. These awards honor long-term dedication and loyalty, making employees feel valued and respected. This unique form of recognition stands out as one of the most impactful ways to show appreciation.
  • Strengthen Organizational Success: Integrating corporate service awards into your company’s recognition culture strengthens employee morale and loyalty. This not only boosts individual satisfaction but also contributes to the overall success and stability of the organization.


By incorporating these practices, companies can ensure that their corporate awards and recognition programs effectively acknowledge employee dedication and drive organizational growth.


How to Implement a Corporate Service Awards Program

Select-Your-Gift offers Two Gift-of-Choice Options:
- Employee Award Packets (with printed catalogs),
- or our Virtual - EMAILED award solution.

Years of Service Awards CatalogEmployee Service Anniversary Award Packets are a very popular Gift-of-Choice solution with our clients
Each award package consists of a tier-level based employee gift catalog and Award stationery, which can be presented or mailed to employees. In the comfort of their home, employees can choose their own recognition gift from the provided catalog, or they can select online where they'll see an even larger selection of gifts. The gift is then shipped directly to their home.  (see details, pricing and what's included)


Virtual gift of choice recognition awardsWe also offer a Fast and Easy Virtual-Emailed Gift-of-Choice solution!
Awards or gifts can be EMAILED to recipients, along with your personal message. Employees redeem online and choose their own gift from the large tier-level collection you provided. The selected gift is then shipped directly to their home.  (virtual-emailed solution - details)

Key Benefits

By incorporating milestones for each stage of an employee's career, your corporate service awards program ensures employees will always feel valued. From early recognition to celebrating decades of service, each award strengthens employee engagement and loyalty, contributing to the overall success of your organization.

By focusing on these different  milestones, you can effectively implement a comprehensive corporate service awards program that encompasses company anniversary awards, corporate employee service awards, and other forms of corporate employee recognition, ensuring a consistent and appreciative workplace culture.


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Corporate Service Recognition for Every Stage of an Employee's Career

types-of-employee-service-recognitionA comprehensive corporate service awards program should span the entire career of an employee, from onboarding to retirement. By recognizing milestones at each of these stages of service, you can create a culture of appreciation and loyalty.

Explore These Categories for Your Corporate Service Recognition:

Early Service Years:
  • Onboarding Completion: Recognize new hires who successfully complete your onboarding program with corporate service award gifts. (Onboarding details)
  • 1 to 3-Year Service Anniversaries: Celebrate early service milestones with company anniversary awards to acknowledge the commitment of your newer employees. (Early Service details)
Standard Service Milestone Years:
  • 5-Year Intervals: Begin recognition at the employee’s 5-year anniversary and continue at 5-year intervals. These corporate employee service awards reinforce ongoing loyalty and dedication.
25-Year, Quarter Century Recognition:
  • Special Recognition: Honor employees who reach the significant 25-year milestone with unique corporate service awards. This quarter-century recognition shows deep appreciation for long-term dedication.
Retirement Recognition:
  • Memorable Farewell: Retirement is a major milestone for both the employee and the company. Ensure this transition is special with tailored corporate awards and recognition. Provide meaningful retirement awards to celebrate their career contributions and loyalty.


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