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How Employee Recognition helps your company

Select-Your-Gift offers many great ways to help companies get present-award-new-opttheir employees more engaged and feel more satisfied through the use of incentives, recognition, praise, and rewards. 

Surveys prove the tremendous positive impact employee recognition can have on performance, engagement levels, and job satisfaction.

In fact, companies are almost twice as productive when employees have high engagement levels, as compared to companies with low employee engagement levels.

When companies implement multiple employee reward and recognition programs, and they are aligned to the organization's core values, performance gains are significant!

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How Employee Recognition helps your company!

Length of Service Recognition, Employee Gifts for Christmas and other holidays, Spot Recognition to acknowledge great work,  Safety Awards, Sales Awards, and more are just some of many available opportunities to show appreciation for your staff's hard work and loyalty.

The more employees are acknowledged and shown appreciation for their hard work and dedication, the better they will feel about themselves and about your company's management. 

Employees will thrive with more recognition, and organizations using this strategy will see a dramatic improvement in both morale, productivity, and levels of engagement.

According to a Gallup Survey, companies with higher employee engagement levels saw:

  • 48% fewer safety incidents
  • 37% less absenteeism
  • 21% higher productivity

... than companies with lower levels of employee engagement.

No single recognition program can do it all:

Companies with the highest employee engagement levels always implement a "strategy of Continual Recognition". See these employee recognition program ideas that provide management with many opportunities to show appreciation, recognize achievements, and motivate personnel to higher levels of performance and loyalty.

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  • A dedicated recognition specialist will be assigned as your single point of contact
  • Our extensive experience designing and implementing many types of recognition programs
  • Quality products, programs, and services for the lowest cost
  • Prompt award fulfillment with 100% satisfaction guaranteed

For all your recognition needs, from Years of Service Programs and Employee Christmas Gifts, to Points-Based Programs, Select-Your-Gift has solutions to make it easy.

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