Employee Service Award Programs

Get the information you need to start or update a service recognition program. We make it EASY! Contact us today (click the link below)

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Simply click this link and we'll send you an actual Employee Service Award Presentation packet with sample gift-of-choice award catalogs, with complete information on how to get your program started. We want you to see what the employee will receive when they are recognized.

We will also immediately email you a link to download our Free eBook: Manager's Guide to Starting a Service Award Program. The eBook contains much of the same information found in this ONLINE Guide to Employee Service Awards.

Select-Your-Gift makes Service Recognition Easy!

Our easy to start, and easy to administer employee anniversary recognition program provides an Award Presentation Packet with everything needed for your service awards. See what's included and a short video overview

Many customization options are offered to make your Service Anniversary Award Packets as unique as your company.   See customizing your awards - details

Start your employee service awards program with no minimum orders, no contracts, and guaranteed employee satisfaction.

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