Catching Up Missed 
Service Milestone Awards

Step Two - when creating your Service Awards Program:

team-recognition-300r.jpgBe sure to consider what to do about past, unrecognized service milestones. Obviously, there has to be a date set as an arbitrary starting point for your new employee service awards and recognition program.

Once the start-date for your new program has been decided, you’ll need to decide what should be done for those who have recently passed a service milestone without any recognition?

Since the purpose of your new Service Award program is to demonstrate that the long service of your employees is valued, most organizations find it appropriate to recognize all who have reached a service milestone prior to the start of your new employee award program.

To not do so may cause these missed employees to be unhappy and resentful with your program, actually reducing morale.

Here is a great solution for missed service milestones

For all employees who recently passed a defined milestone, give an award for that last missed milestone, while excluding employees who will reach a new milestone in the first year of your new program.

Include these catchup employee milestone awards when starting, and have management present them, along with the others, in meaningful presentations.

See the next Step when creating your program - Define Awards per Milestone

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