Employee Service Award Programs

an On-Line Guide

sa-cover-350.gifThis online Guide to Employee Service Awards, and it's companion PDF version (for offline reading **are offered to help you plan, implement, and manage an up-to-date, successful employee service awards program. Start reading the guide now. 

The online version makes it easy to explore each aspect of Length of Service Recognition, by either reading the online pages using Next and Previous buttons, or by using the table of contents listed below to see just the topics of interest.

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Below is the List of Topics in the ONLINE
Guide to Employee Service Awards

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Online Start-Up Guide to Employee Service Awards (start at the beginning of Guide)

What are service awards (overview description / definition)

The history of recognizing employees for their service. 

The value and importance of service recognition.

Service recognition changes in both frequency and type of gifts.

What are the different types of service recognition in use today.

Describe early length of service recognition, and it's importance.

Using recognition when Onboarding your newly hired employees.

Define the industry-standard service milestones, 5-Yr increments.

Special recognition for Quarter Century, or 25-Yr service anniversary.

Retirement recognition gifts, awards and ideas to make it special.

Award ideas - give employees awards they want and will use.

Steps to creating or updating your service recognition program.

When starting, consider catching up past, missed service anniversaries

Define the awards to use for each of your defined service milestones.

Steps to setting a budget for your new Service Award program.

Tips to presenting service recognition awards to your employees.

Customizing options to make your recognition program unique.

See how a gift of choice program works and why employees prefer it.

First step to getting your Employee Service Award program started.