Service Recognition
for Standard Milestones

The industry standard Years of Service Recognition Program recognizes milestones beginning with the employee’s fifth service anniversary, and at each 5-year increment thereafter.

service-award-std.jpgCompany recognition programs that utilize service awards are a powerful, cost effective way to reward employee loyalty to the organization by recognizing their length of service and their valued contributions and experience.

When management uses this type of recognition, and takes the time to single out an employee by acknowledging and praising their service, they will feel important, special, and valued.

When an award is also part of the employee milestone recognition, you will have created a lasting memory. This type of recognition can have a very positive impact on all the employees.

present-award-new-opt.jpgEmployee service awards can be given for any milestone of employment. Today, we are seeing years of service recognition given at the completion of 1 and 3-years, as well as the standard milestones begining at 5-years.

Service Awards given prior to the fifth anniversary are called Early Service Recognition, and includes recognition given at the completion of a company's Onboarding process for new hires.

Earlier company recognition is a great way to build morale as you show appreciation to your newer employees for their loyalty and contributions.

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