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Employee Length of Service Recognition Awards

service recognition gifts of choiceIn today’s fast-paced society, it's crucial to recognize and celebrate employees for their dedication and loyalty to your organization.
One of the most impactful ways to honor employee length of service is through a service recognition awards program. These programs not only commemorate their years of service but also provide a valuable opportunity to commend them for their achievements and unwavering commitment to your organization

Present Award HandsService Anniversary Award Programs - Best Practice: Today's workforce, especially with millennials, encourages companies to recognize service milestones earlier than the traditional five-year increments. That's why many Service Award Programs now include the recognition of additional milestones such as the completion of the onboarding process, the end of the probationary period, and 1-, 2-, and 3-year service milestones. 

Earlier service recognition, together with traditional service anniversary recognition (beginning at 5-years), provides more great opportunities for management to show your valued employees that you notice, recognize and appreciate their long and loyal service. (See: Early Service Recognition)


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Years of Service awards are a vital form of employee recognition that honors employees for their loyal service. They serve as a means to reward employees for their dedication and longevity within the organization, and demonstrate your appreciation for all their hard work.

In addition to Length-of-Service Recognition described above, here are additional examples of service recognition:

Employee of the Month: A widely adopted recognition strategy in many workplaces, highlighting exceptional employee service. (Learn more about Employee-of-the-Month programs)

Customer Service Award: These awards can be team-based or for individuals, recognizing employees who excel in providing outstanding customer service within a specified period. (Explore Employee Recognition programs)

Teamwork Award: Recognizes outstanding teamwork within a team or department, with awards presented to all team members being honored.

Safety Awards: Acknowledges employees who uphold high safety standards while delivering excellent service. (Discover Safety Recognition programs)

Spot Recognition Awards: Utilize this type of award to promptly recognize and reward exceptional employee service or behavior as it occurs. (Find out more about Spot-Recognition programs)

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Employee Service Recognition Awards:

Service recognition awards of choiceWith Service Recognition Award Packets, the employee will be able to select a gift from the provided tier-level based catalog, or using the included instructions, redeem online. The online catalog shows them almost twice as many items as shown in the printed catalog. The selected gift will be quickly sent directly to the employee's home within the lower 48 US. (See Details and Prices )

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