Continual Employee Recognition

No single recognition program can do it all!

business team being recognizedEmployees want to be appreciated and recognized for their service and efforts. If not, they are very willing to leave their jobs.

In surveys taken to determine why so many employees were voluntarily leaving their jobs, the reason most often cited was the lack of appreciation and recognition by management. This is a clear demonstration of the importance of recognition.

A study conducted by the Gallup organization identified the top factors that describe the best companies to work for. High on the list of desirable factors was Employee Recognition. According to this study, the essential building blocks of a great workplace environment are praise and recognition.

An article from the FORBES site, states that companies scoring the highest for having a recognition-rich culture, had an almost 30% lower voluntary turnover rate! The benefits of employee recognition are huge!

Recognition is essential to employee morale, and when done in many ways, clearly sends the message that management recognizes the value and the importance of their people to the organization’s success.

Just one recognition program cannot do it all!

Today, a new corporate strategy is needed. One that creates a culture of recognition in your organization through continual recognition.

Create a Culture of Recognition by including many ongoing incentive and recognition components - all working together to help boost morale, help employees feel appreciated, motivated, and to be more engaged.

Each recognition component included in your strategy provides more opportunities for management to motivate employees to higher levels of performance and improve loyalty.
Examples include: New Hire On-boarding Process, Length of Service Recognition, Attendance Awards, Sales Incentives, Safety Programs, Peer-to-Peer Recognition, and Spot Awards.

Continual Recognition is an effective and proven strategy to improve the following key areas:

  • Employee Engagement: When employees feel more involved, appreciated, and empowered, they will have improved morale, be more productive, and stay longer.
  • Productivity: Studies show - companies with engaged employees are almost twice as productive as their competitors.
  • Retention: A comprehensive recognition strategy helps keep employees excited about their job.
  • Improved Loyalty Continual recognition helps employees feel they're part of something larger than just their job.
  • Reinforces your organization’s vision, business objectives, and core values

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