Managing Employee
Recognition Programs

This manager's Guide to Employee Recognition addresses what is needed for today's workforce provides recognition criteria, information and tips to help you create and support a strategy of continual recognition in your organization.


Definition of Employee Recognition:
The acknowledgement of an individual's behavior, efforts, or accomplishments that support your business goals and your company's values.

The most successful companies are those that focus on recognizing their most important asset: their people. Studies have shown that employee recognition is critical to satisfy, motivate and retain employees.

Due to the enormous benefits of employee recognition programs, every organization should have a goal to make employee appreciation and recognition an integral part of their ongoing corporate strategy.

Recognition is one of the most effective ways to reinforce your organization's culture, to support your objectives, to motivate, and retain your top performers.

A SHRM* survey showed that almost 80% of employees surveyed said that the lack of appreciation and recognition was one of the main reasons they would leave their current job. Remember, there’s no such thing as too much recognition!
  * SHRM - Society for Human Resource Management

Definition of Continual Recognition: The acknowledgement of an individual's behavior or accomplishments that support your organization's business goals and values.

Most organizations already have some type of recognition program in place, some with three to six different types of programs. 

The problem, according to a recent survey, is that almost 2 out of 3 employees in the U.S. are still not engaged. That’s not surprising since the survey also shows almost 65% of the employees received no recognition. 

Recognition, when done correctly, has been proven to increase employee engagement, producing impressive benefits to organizations. Engaged employees are generally happier, more productive, and provide higher quality products and services. 

So, why aren’t we doing better?

These Employee Recognition Guidelines will review the value of recognition, the value of creating a recognition culture in your organization, the different types of popular recognition programs, and how to get managers and employees excited about recognition.

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