Employee Service Recognition
Improves Loyalty & Retention

The Value of Employee Service
Recognition cannot be understated

employee-morale.jpgEmployee Service Recognition
is a critical element in demonstrating appreciation to your staff and improving their morale. This can boost their overall attitude and happiness, which is essential for improved productivity, retention, and the success of your company.

Service recognition programs and awards involve acknowledging employees' length of service, plus their significant contributions and achievements, through a formal service recognition program, with certificates and awards.

By creating a culture of recognition, your organization can foster a sense of purpose, team loyalty, and pride, and instill trust and faith in your leadership. This can have a positive impact on every aspect of your company.

Studies show that service recognition plays a crucial role in retaining employees. For instance, a study by the Society for Human Resource Management found that organizations with employee service recognition programs had 31% lower voluntary turnover rates than those without them. 

This page is a continuation of the Guide to Employee Service Recognition Programs, and addresses the Value of this unique and important type of recognition. This guide will also explore different ways you can structure your service recognition to create a program that is meaningful and effective.

Service Award Programs provide excellent opportunities for management to acknowledge their employees' experience, knowledge, and contributions, as well as show appreciation for their long service. When employees are honored in front of their peers with a formal award presentation, it enhances the value of the recognition and makes them feel valued and appreciated. By celebrating service milestones, you can build a stronger sense of community and loyalty among your employees and demonstrate your commitment to their success.

Employees Want Recognition! Actually, we ALL want it. We want it from our parents, from our teachers, from our friends, and from our work.

According to a Work study published by Randstad, over 75% of employees said feeling valued was more important than a list of other options. Employees want and need to feel appreciated and be recognized for their achievements and service.

GoalEngaged Employees is the ultimate Goal !

The goal of every Recognition Program, including Service Awards, is to make employees feel appreciated. When that happens, employees will:

  • work harder, often going above and beyond to help their peers and customers
  • tend to be more loyal, and stay longer
  • have increased morale, become more motivated, engaged, and productive

engagement-board-thumbTo achieve the highest levels of employee engagement and morale requires lots of Recognition.

This includes programs such as Service Recognition and awards, Performance related awards, Peer-to-Peer Recognition, Holiday Gifts, and many other ways to continually recognize and reward employee loyalty, achievements and contributions.

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