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Years of Service RecognitionSelect-Your-Gift, can help your company implement an effective and motivating Employee Service Awards Program.  This special type of employee recognition program clearly says management cares about its people, and honors their loyalty and their important contributions.

We can help you create an employee anniversary recognition program that is easy to start, easy to use, and will stay within your budget.

As one of the largest Employee Service Award Companies in the US, we offer many tailoring options to make your awards program as unique as your organization.

Recognizing years of service is the most cost effective employee program you can offer, and is a valuable component to your combined efforts to create a culture of recognition in your organization.

See Program Details now! - We will help you start a formal program to celebrate significant employee milestones, using memorable Service Award Packets that include a catalog for a Gift of their Choice. They are easy to order, and can be tailored for each of your service anniversaries.

yos-catalog-200No other employee recognition is more appreciated than Service Awards. Years of service recognition, along with an award and certificate of appreciation, shows employees you recognize and appreciate their loyal, dedicated service and the valuable contributions they have made.

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Employee Service Anniversary Programs are changing... Today, employees expect to be recognized for their service much sooner:

Traditionally, the recognition of service milestones begins at 5-years, and continues at 5-year increments. However, for many younger workers, waiting 5 years for the company's first acknowledgement of their service is too long. Today, these employees need to receive recognition much earlier to feel they are making a contribution, and are being valued by the organization.

These employees want to make a difference in your organization, and for those efforts, they expect recognition much sooner. A delay for these younger staff members greatly increases the risk of losing very talented people. If employees don’t get the recognition and appreciation they feel they deserve, they’ll move on.

Given these changes, many companies have added Early Service Recognition, including On-Boarding programs with rewards and a congratulatory letter at the completion of defined probationary - or training periods, plus recognition for 1 year and 3 year service milestones.

Earlier length of service recognition is something every company should consider adding to their plans. The investment to add earlier service recognition will be minimal, compared to the benefits of having even one employee stay longer.

sa-cover-200To help you make the best service award program, we want you to have this Free eBook Guide to Employee Service Awards.

It offers tips, best practices and practical advice when starting or updating a milestone awards program - including awards ceremony ideas, and service award certificate ideas.

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