Employee Service Awards Presentation Tips

Service Award Presentation Ideas

applause1-285-opt.jpgTo get the most from your Service Recognition Program, consider the entire experience.

The Recognition Presentation should include management acknowledging the employee's service milestone, their contributions to your organization, plus an award packet containing a certificate and a gift of their choice.

Present Service Recognition on or close to the service anniversary date. If possible, do it in front of their team, department, or the entire company.

Tips for Service Award Presentations:

  • To get the biggest impact on employees, allow the employee’s manager play a key role in the presentation of the Service Milestone Recognition. For the employee, the most meaningful recognition is from their manager.
            For some organizations, it may not be possible for managers to physically present service awards. In these situations, Award Packets can be mailed directly to remote employees. These emails should include a personal recognition message from the employee's manager.
  • Do not miss this valuable opportunity to acknowledge and praise the employee’s accomplishments and special contributions, and tie these to your company’s goals and mission.
  • Use in-person events to review key information about your company and core values. After the individual recognition presentations, talk about how your valued and loyal employees have helped make the company what it is today.
  • Newsletters: If you have a company newsletter, include a short article recognizing all employees who have received recent service recognition, and thank them again for their service.
            Note: Organizations should consider and respect the preferences of those employees who shy away from public recognition.

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