Service Awards
for 25 Years

Special Recognition for a
Quarter Century of Employee Service

Recognizing 25 years of service is a significant milestone that deserves special attention. Companies often celebrate this milestone with unique events and awards to honor the dedication and loyalty of long-term employees.


quarter-century-service-award-250Make This Recognition Stand Out:

To ensure this milestone is memorable, integrate a special event into your service recognition program. This could include a luncheon with senior management, a framed "Quarter Century of Service" certificate presented in a formal box, and a higher-value award.

The recognition award for 25 years of service may have the same incrementally increased value as with regular service milestone awards, or you may choose to give a higher value. Most important, is to include additional recognition and celebration!


Consider these Exclusive Recognition Ideas:

  • Quarter Century Club: Establish a club for employees who reach this milestone, offering exclusive membership and benefits.
  • Special Events: Invite Quarter Century employees to an annual event with senior management or provide periodic special mailings to acknowledge their commitment.
  • Enhanced Awards: Consider increasing the value of the award for this milestone to show extra appreciation.

Benefits of special Recognition for 25-Years of Service: By making the 25-year service award a notable event, you not only honor the employee’s dedication but also reinforce the values of loyalty and commitment throughout your organization.

Select-Your-Gift offers Gift of Choice - Service Awards in customizable presentation packets

service-anniversary-awardsOur Service Award packages can be enhanced for your special 25-Year Recognition. Includes a tier-level gift catalog, Recognition certificate stationery, and 2 envelopes. All are enclosed in a package that can be presented or mailed to the employee.
Employees choose their recognition gift from the provided catalog or can redeem online where they'll see an even larger selection of gifts. The gift selected is then shipped directly to their home within the lower 48 US.
Visit our Service Award details page to see all that's included in each recognition package. Let us help you create a Special Quarter Century Award to show your dedicated employees how much you value their service!

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