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Why is Recognition so important to support and
improve Employee Engagement?

Recognition is a vital part of a company's strategy to help reinforce its vision, mission, business objectives, core values and brand promise. Recognition reinforces that management cares about its people, and it needs to occur to honor employee loyalty and their contributions over time.

The importance of frequent and effective employee recognition, for all types of organizations, has been proven by countless studies.

Select-Your-Gift provides solutions to help take advantage of the immense power of recognizing employees to help improve engagement, productivity and retention. We offer many tools to recognize, reward, motivate and inspire employees, with solutions to fit every gift or award budget.

These recognition solutions can be tailored to your needs.


Service Award catalog
Employee Service Awards Presentation Packets with many customization options.

Each Service Anniversary Award Packet includes a catalog allowing the employee to choose their own life-style gift. Includes online redemption and status reports.  Details..

Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition

Easy-to-use solutions to recognize and motivate your employees. On-the-Spot, Peer-to-Peer, Sales Contests, Safety Recognition, Holiday Gifts and more.

We'll help make your awards program easy to start and easy to administer. Details..

Engagement points Platform

Employee points programOur online Points based platform offers a suite of tools to foster engagement. It's designed to provide a blend of recognition and incentives to inspire and reward superior performance.

Our platform can host multiple programs simultaneously: employee service awards, incentives, sales, or customer loyalty. Scalable to meet your requirements. Details..

Gift of Choice Catalogs

selecing award from catalog
Perfect for Holiday Gifts, and employee Recognition awards. Many customization options are available.

Each level-based package allows employees to choose from a wide range of life-style products. Details..

The cornerstone of Employee Engagement is Recognition

Select-Your-Gift has solutions to help!
Let us show you how we make it easy for you.

We work closely with you to develop efficient, effective and cost-saving incentive and recognition solutions.

See this quick video overview of solutions to help you retain your best employees, while keeping them focused, motivated and happy.

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