How to Thank Employees to Show Appreciation

Posted on 03/04/2019 in Spot Recognition

Easy ways to say Thank You at Work

A simple Thank You can speak volumes to your employees

Some time ago, at the beginning of my career as a mortgage banker, I had the pleasure of assisting a young couple with the purchase of their very first home. Shortly after they moved in, I received a gift basket of assorted chocolates as a thank you.

I thought that this was the sweetest gesture, ever (pun intended). It wasn’t so much the basket of sweets that I enjoyed but the hand-written note which accompanied those foil-wrapped delights.

“Dear Dan, Thank you so much for making a dream come true for us. We will never forget what you’ve done and at what lengths you had to go to make this dream a reality for us.”

Back then, I had gone above and beyond the call of duty to get this couple in their home. From getting approved through the strictest of guidelines and very tough underwriting practices, to getting into the trenches of credit repair. It took almost the better part of a year to restore their credit to give them a fighting chance of homeownership.

This simple little card was almost like getting concrete proof of my efforts - a black and white confirmation of a job well done. I actually made a dream come true, achieving something like hero status. That card gave me the confidence and desire to want to bring that level of hard work and determination to all my clients. The power of just two sentences!

When thinking of how to thank employees, remember that a hand-written note of appreciation from the boss can go far to inspire and motivate your employee. It doesn’t take a whole story to convey your appreciation. In as little as 10 words or less, you can boost employee engagement and your company’s productivity.

Here are a few simple tips to show appreciation to employees, and to show you are paying attention to what they do:

Point out specifics of what the employee did when saying thanks.

Be sure to keep the focus on the employee's behavior.

Be prompt and spontaneous when showing appreciation to employees – don’t wait until the next event or holiday party. Instead, recognize a good job on the spot !

Make the time to do thank employees often.

A handwritten note is always more personal and “thoughtful” than an email. Thank you notes can also serve as a keepsake token and has a certain trophy value. Think of this when you want to show appreciation.

Employees take pride in their work, especially when management shows their appreciation. For just a few minutes a day, your recognition efforts may prove to be the best investment of your time. The short amount of time spent on spot recognition can have long lasting effects in the lives our your most valued asset – your employees.

See how easy it is to implement a Spot Recognition Program with Thank You Note Cards and a gift of their choice.

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