Ideas to Improve Employee Engagement

Posted on 07/12/2017 in Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement ideas

engaged employeesHas this happened in your organization?

You survey your employees and the results come back with very concerning data that indicates many of the employees are not fully engaged.

The managers with employees who are less engaged are asking how they can help turn that around. They don't know where to begin. Luckily, we can help you improve employee engagement with ideas for improving trust and pride in your company.

Many companies don't evaluate their current level of engagement, and often don't realize there are problems. That's because employees often express their level of engagement in very subtle ways: from physical and emotional ways, to performance and loyalty - or length of service.

When employees only do the minimum work required, and easily give up when faced with obstacles, you know they are not fully engaged.

See these ideas to help improve employee engagement levels.

For the average company, it is estimated almost 70% of employees are NOT fully engaged. That's why it's important to always be seeking ideas to help improve employee engagement.

It's amazing, that on average, only 30% of employees are fully engaged. Just improving your employee's engagement levels will provide huge benefits to your organization.

Studies have shown that companies with more engaged employees are almost twice as productive as their competitors. This alone is a great indicator of why employee engagement is so important.

When we talk about improving Employee Engagement, we are really saying:

We need to increase the emotional and functional
commitment employees have to their company.

Steps to begin improving Employee Engagement:

Immediate Manager Issues:

When surveyed, of the employees who indicated they were unhappy with their current manager, eighty percent were also shown to be disengaged. One of the most important decisions a company can make is who they select as managers. A good or bad manager can change everything! Bad and de-moralizing managers are hurting everyone. Start thinking of ideas for employee engagement and think about who your managers are.

To Do: Hire and promote managers who can inspire, motivate, and lead based on what really matters to your organization. Help managers understand the importance of healthy relationships with their employees. To give employees a greater sense of empowerment, allow more flexibility with how they can do their work. Employees who feel they are valued contributors to the success of your mission will be more enthusiastic about their work.

Senior Leadership Issues:

When employees do not have confidence in their company's senior management, almost 70% will be less engaged.

To Do: Immediately put a plan in place to communicate the organization's strategic short and long term goals, and let every department and employee clearly understand their role and how they can support your goals. Then, be sure to provide the support and resources needed to allow everyone to increase their performance.

Instill pride in your organization:

Employees who understand your mission and are proud of their organization's impact, are the most likely to be engaged. Remember this when thinking of ideas for employee engagement.

To Do: Start a continual effort to instill pride and trust. Senior management should openly and frequently communicate your vision, and the impact your organization is having on society.

Employee Recognition Programs:

Employee Recognition is a another key part of your Engagement improvement strategy. Recognition is a great tool to motivate employees to higher levels of performance and loyalty, and is very effective when used to reward behaviors you want repeated.

To Do: Implement multiple on-going recognition programs. These programs will provide many opportunities to recognize and motivate employees:

Service Awards
Safety Awards
Sales Contests
Spot Recognition
Suggestion Programs
Holiday Gifts

Empower managers by adding a Spot Recognition program so they can get the most out of great performances, allowing them to quickly recognize special efforts. Quick, on-the-spot recognition will have a big impact on morale. Remember, all recognition programs should be designed to help employees feel recognized and appreciated.

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