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Posted on 09/03/2014 in Employee Performance

Three Laws of Employee Performance

This article is for business leaders who want to impact employee performance and the success of their entire organization. You can do so by following these concepts, and start rewriting the future of your company.

I believe these concepts are not only invaluable in your business, they will help you in every personal interaction you have with others.

I recently read an inspiring and insightful book that is a must read for every executive and manager who desires to radically transform employee performance, productivity, engagement, and change their entire company for better organizational success.

This great book details real examples of how ordinary business leaders, in extremely difficult conditions, made changes and improvements that were not only performance changing for organizational success, but life changing for everyone in the organization.

It answers the question: Why do people react and do what they do when situations occurs?

How each employee responds is based on how a situation occurs to them, and on the language used. But, first, let's define occur as used by the author of the book.

Occur means the reality that arises from a person's own perspective of any situation. This goes beyond just their basic view of a situation. Their reaction is based on their own perspective of reality, including their view of the past, their knowledge of how things got this way, and their perspective of the future. That is, it's their assumption - based on their perception of reality.

Now let's look at why do people do what they do when a situation occurs?

What we do, and how we react to situations always makes complete sense to us. On the other hand, when others react in an unexpected way, we often question, "Why are they doing that?", or "Why are they thinking that way?". It just doesn't make sense to us.

But if we got into the other person's world, and looked at the situation as it occurs to them, then we would see their response was completely correct for them.

Every person assumes that the way things occur to him or her is how it occurs to others. But that is not true. Situations occur differently for each person. Not realizing this fact can make the actions of others seem very odd.

The Three Laws of Employee Performance are:

1) Employee Performance is related to each person's own perception

2) Perception is rooted in language

3) Vision casting changes perception

Vision casting is where things really happen!

THIS is where you rewrite your future for organizational success and achieve those employee performance goals. Vision casting utilizes future-based language to transform how situations occur to your employees.

To achieve the goal of making significant changes in employee productivity and engagement, is done by mastering these concepts. The most effective motivational leaders of organizations will be those who have not only mastered these Three Laws, but are able to train others to do the same.

three-laws-bookTo learn how to get all employees engaged in your vision of your organizations new future, I highly recommend getting the book: The Three Laws of Performance: Rewriting the Future of Your Organization and Your Life

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