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Hybrid vs Remote - Understanding the Difference

Employee Work Schedules - Hybrid or Remote - Defined

With Hybrid and Remote Work being talked about so much, it's helpful to clearly understand the difference, because today, it's happening everywhere.

According to a recent Forrester research report, about 70% of companies will be adopting flexible hybrid-work schedules this year. They are expecting these organizations to allow their employees to spend at least two days working remotely.

This report also acknowledges that allowing remote and even a hybrid work schedule is not possible for every organization or job.

So what exactly is Hybrid vs Remote work? What's the difference?

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Select-Your-Gift will be Exhibiting at SHRM17

Posted on 06/21/2017 in Employee Recognition

Select-Your-Gift Employee Recognition at SHRM17 in New Orleans

Next week, June 18 – 21, the Select-Your-Gift crew is off to New Orleans for SHRM17 Annual Conference and Exposition.

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How to Retain Good Employees

Posted on 04/07/2016 in Employee Recognition

How to keep your Best Employees with Recognition

In our previous article about how to hire great employees we described what organizations need to do to HIRE the best employees. This article addresses how to KEEP them by developing an employee retention strategy.

Having a comprehensive employee recognition strategy is a key part to hiring and retaining good employees. Below, some strategies will be explained on how to keep good employees.

To get the most from your strategy, recognition must become a common and frequent practice throughout your workplace. Let's start by considering how Employee Recognition can help you retain good employees in your organization.

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Recognizing Employees | The Importance of Recognition

Posted on 03/23/2016 in Employee Recognition

The ABCs of Employee Recognition

The US Department of Labor tracks all turnover rates, and one of the components of this measurement is the number of quits. These are voluntary separations initiated by the employee, and serve as a measurement of worker’s willingness to leave their jobs. In 2014, this rate has again increased slightly from the levels seen in 2013. Below, the importance of employee recognition is explained.

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Tips For Recognizing And Rewarding Employees

Posted on 12/22/2014 in Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition - benefits

Continually recognizing and rewarding employees in many different ways, is an important component in your overall plan to increase employee engagement and productivity.

Recognizing and rewarding employees helps reduce the corporate risks that could result from low morale, lower engagement levels, and frequent employee turnover.

A comprehensive employee recognition program can help increase your organization's potential for success.

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Awards for Employees | Recognition Gifts | Non-Cash Awards

Posted on 04/25/2014 in Employee Recognition, Service Award Programs

Which are better Awards - Cash or Merchandise ?

There is perhaps no subject debated more frequently by employee incentive program managers and their participants, than the question of using cash, or non-cash tangible recognition gifts in any of your employee recognition programs.

So, which is better, and why?

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