Employee Points Reward System Benefits

Posted on 02/19/2024 in Points Programs

Employee Point Based Recognition Programs

employee points based programsEmployee rewards based on Points could be perfect for recognizing and motivating your staff, and to help you easily build a Culture of Continual Recognition.

When you want to recognize employees for many different actions and behaviors over time, and allow them to redeem their accumulated points for merchandise awards, then a points-based award-program is the answer.

Depending on the functionality needed in your employee recognition program, and your awards budget, we offer a few solutions to help you implement a cost-effective points based solution. 


A Points-based Employee Recognition Program is a powerful tool to help motivate and recognize your team. Employees can earn and accumulate points in their personal point-bank enabling them to redeem higher valued awards of their choice.

employee point programsIf your employee recognition strategy is to provide a range of simultaneous Incentive and Recognition programs, it's important to have a points based software program. Even if your needs are narrowly focused, a points based solution can produce great results as this type of program can be easily adapted for many the motivational and recognition needs of your company.

Your needs and your awards budget will help determine the best Employee Point Program solution for your organization. Options include an online comprehensive software solution, or a low-cost off-line solution.

To help you decide which type of points based employee rewards program is best for your needs, please review some of the features of Select-Your-Gift's solutions, and the benefits available to your company.

Note: The following describes our fully online solution. Optionally, see our lowest-cost, paper-based solution.

Employee Points Programs - Online - Features and Benefits:

With this online employee reward system, Managers will have real-time employee details at their fingertips so they can track the progress of their program. Tools are also provided for management to create targeted communications to employees to encourage desired behaviors and improve employee engagement.

  • Online, flexible and scalable platform allows you to bring all your recognition initiatives under one comprehensive management tool.
  • Provides a user friendly, intuitive recognition experience for both management and your employees. This employee reward system allows for quick implementation.
  • Hierarchy Editor allows different business areas, locations, and departments to all use the same platform, but independently budget and fund points for their own purposes.
  • The budget tool provides controls for all corporate spending dollars by their hierarchy. Create reward budget segments by locations or departments as needed.
  • Report Center: Over 45 reports are available to help administrators manage your program. Create a variety of reports in a number of formats, including on-screen review and exports to Excel.
  • Communication Center: Built-in Communications module provides the ability to post web-based news articles, post news feeds, send automated welcome messages at program launch and to new program participants, targeted e-mail blasts, and even set article publishing/expiry dates in advance.
  • Employee Reward Program management and tracking is accessible by both the leadership team and “permission-based” local level administrators. Administrators can easily add points for safety, performance based initiatives, and more.
  • Service Award Module: To assist with employee retention, this system provides a fully automated Years of Service Recognition Award tool to control the allocation and distribution of pre-determined points based on employee service milestones.
  • Member Experience: Each employee has their own secure online account to track their point-bank, including point balance, points earned and points redeemed. 
  • Lifestyle Merchandise: Huge selection of merchandise awards - redeemable for accumulated points, keeps employees motivated. Also allows for Global Fulfillment of Lifestyle Merchandise.
  • Certificates: Provides printable certificates that can be customized with graphics, colors and your text messages so that you can start rewarding employees for their loyalty or great work.
  • On the SPOT recognition: The system can generate unique serial numbers that are equated to designated point values. Once printed on cards, they can be given to reward employees. Employees can log in to self-claim the award.
  • Survey Feature: Allows you to gather feedback on the participants in your program. Participants in this employee point reward system can be targeted based on your hierarchy.

The above lists only some of the many features available with the online points based recognition platform.

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